Meet polypill, the drug of tomorrow FOUR TIMES THE MEDS… FOUR TIMES THE RISK!

Meet polypill, the drug of tomorrow

Drugs, drugs, drugs and more drugs. Reach a certain age, and it doesn’t matter how good you feel or how healthy you are, your doc will likely try to load you up with drugs anyway——most of them for bogus non-conditions such as “cholesterol” and “blood pressure.”

Well, the drugs will work as advertised in one regard: They WILL bring your cholesterol and blood pressure down.

But if you’re counting on the drugs to keep you alive, well, all I can say is you better start making funeral arrangements now——because new research proves just what I’ve said all along: BP meds, statins and even the “baby” aspirin your doc wants you to swallow DON’T prevent heart attacks... DON’T stave off strokes... and DON’T save lives.

That’s true whether you take the meds in separate pills, and it’s still going to be true if get them in the “polypill,” the new drug that combines an aspirin, a statin and two different BP meds into a single pill.

If you haven’t heard of the polypill yet, you will soon enough——as soon as they can ram it through the approvals process, which is pretty much any day now. The idea is that seniors take so many meds they often skip a few... or just plain forget... so they miss out.

Getting them to take all their drugs is called “compliance,” as if seniors are children who need to be bossed around for their own good——and the new study shows that, yes, the polypill increases “compliance.”

In fact, researchers practically wet themselves with glee when they found that the polypill triples “compliance” in the seniors most prone to skipping pills.

But in all their giddiness, they forgot about what matters even more than compliance: RESULTS.

The patients who compliantly took their polypills had the exact same outcomes as patients who compliantly took their placebo pills, according to the study in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

So much for compliance! But I don’t know why anyone should be surprised by this. Whether they’re taken alone or together, in a single pill or four pills, statins, BP meds and aspirin do absolutely nothing to extend lives, nothing to save lives and nothing to prevent heart attack and stroke.

This isn’t opinion. This is SCIENCE——so before you pop that polypill, let me show you what’s really inside it and why you don’t need it:

ANTIHYPERTENSIVES: The polypill contains not one but TWO drugs that supposedly lower BP——but it doesn’t matter if you take one, two or 100 of these meds, because they won’t do zip for your health.

A major review of four clinical trails published last year proves hypertension drugs don’t prevent heart attacks and strokes and don’t reduce risk of death when compared to a placebo, and even when compared to no treatment at all.

Yes, folks——in most cases, the best treatment for “high” BP (especially the mumbo-jumbo known as “Stage 1 hypertension”) is to ignore it.

STATINS: Statins do nothing for “primary prevention,” or extending lives and preventing heart problems in otherwise healthy people who simply have allegedly high cholesterol levels.

And in people with heart disease, statins do so little that the all-too-real risks of memory loss, diabetes, sexual dysfunction, liver and kidney damage, muscle pain and even muscle disintegration FAR outweigh any supposed benefit.

That’s because cholesterol isn’t a disease and it’s not a problem——and the levels your doctor considers “high” are absolutely essential to health, longevity, memory, immune system function and more.

ASPIRIN: This has been studied for generations now, and aspirin comes up empty every time.

A 2009 study in the Journal of the American Medical Association finds aspirin doesn’t reduce the risk of heart attack (both fatal and non-fatal), stroke, revascularization surgery, angina and more in patients with a high risk of heart disease.

A study published last year finds you’d have to give daily aspirin to 1,000 patients to prevent two heart attacks——but you’d also cause two cases of serious and internal bleeding problems at the same time.

Along with notorious gastrointestinal bleeds, aspirin can also cause bleeding in your brain——and in some people, aspirin can actually CAUSE the very clots it’s supposed to prevent.

Yet it’s still marketed by Bayer as the “wonder” drug. The only wonder to me is why anyone is still taking it!

So whether it’s one pill, two pills, four pills or more, question any doc who wants to drug you into “compliance.”

Instead, stick to remedies proven to work, starting with two simple and safe nutrients with more power than any of the four drugs in the polypill: selenium and coenzyme Q10.

Each has the power to boost your health and protect your heart on its own. But taken together, they become even more powerful——so powerful that a placebo-controlled study published last year finds just 200 mg of coQ10 and 200 mcg of selenium per day can cut your risk of death from heart problems in half.

Magnesium can also slash the risk of heart disease, heart attack and stroke.

Throw in some fish oil, and you’ve got the four ingredients you really should be taking.

You won’t find them all in one pill... but it’s worth the extra effort.