Eat what you love, especially in the morning

Eat what you love, especially in the morning

Diabetics, there’s nothing worse than mealtime. You can’t even lift your fork without some nag lecturing you about what you shouldn’t eat——and of course, the list of SHOULDN’Ts includes everything you love.

Well, it’s time to use that fork to tell the nags where to stick it, and then use that same fork to tuck into some sausage, eggs and bacon.

Crazy? No, delicious. And healthy, too, as new research proves again just what I’ve been telling you all along: The best foods for diabetics are the delicious and fatty high-protein foods all the nags keep telling you not to eat.

And you especially need them in the AM. A breakfast plate of fats and proteins can triple your blood sugar control, possibly allowing you to cut back on your meds, according to one new study——while that low-cal meal everyone else thinks you should eat could actually cause you to lose control and need MORE meds.

And while the big breakfast will help you feel full all day long, the low-cal one will have you so hungry that you’ll be thinking about food morning, noon and night, according to the study of 59 diabetics.

The new study isn’t perfect; it falls apart after breakfast because the researchers didn’t look at changes to the rest of the day’s meals. In fact, they actually said diabetics shouldn’t change what they eat each day——just when they eat it, shifting fats and proteins to the morning.

But that’s just a recipe for slightly less illness and disease. Eat fats and proteins at every meal instead. If you can do that and skip the carbs, you’ll soon be able to cut back on your meds and skip your insulin shots.

The key here isn’t in just cutting back on carbs a little. It’s in avoiding them like the poisons they are——and that means along with skipping sugars, breads, pasta, etc. you also need to keep an eagle eye out for the “hidden” carbs in everything from drinks to dressings.

Even these low levels of carbohydrates can cause your blood sugar levels to spike in a matter of minutes, whether you have them in the morning or the evening or anytime in between. Learn about the Glycemic Index (available on the internet). Yucca, for instance, has a ZERO Glycemic Index. If you crave bread, eat yucca instead.

Fats and proteins, on the other hand, aren’t converted to glucose as
quickly or as completely, so you don’t get those spikes. And when you don’t get those spikes, it won’t be long before your doctor announces you can
reduce your meds and even skip your insulin injections.

Do it well——and I mean you’ve got to practically make this diet your new religion——and you won’t just gain control over your disease.

You’ll beat it.

PS: You’ll tick your doctor off if you stop meds on your own, so don’t do it. You need the guy on your side, so work closely with him. But if you stick to my diet plan, your numbers will be so good that even a pill-pushing mainstream doc will have no choice but to reduce or even remove your meds. Remember: Your essential diet is animal fat and animal protein——period. Eat fruits and vegetables because you like them, not because they're essential to your health.