Arm yourself with a shaker and get ready for…?A-SALT on the low-sodium diet!

Arm yourself with a shaker and get ready for...
A-SALT on the low-sodium diet!

Enjoy yourself while you can, folks——because no matter what your pleasure is, you can bet it won’t be long before some stick in the mud comes along and tells you how bad it is for you.

Eat a steak, and he’ll whine and moan about saturated fats.

Light a cigar, and you can expect some nonsensical fear-mongering lecture about the supposed ills of tobacco before you take your first puff. (It worked for Churchill.)

And don’t even think about sprinkling a little salt on your food. Do you have a death wish or something?

Well, I’m here to tell you it’s ALL nonsense——especially that last one, as a major new global study confirms yet again that the salt guidelines being rammed down your throat by mainstream health officials make absolutely no scientific sense at all.


In fact, the one thing that unites the people of the world——all creeds, colors and races, rich and poor, young and old, etc.——is that we all flat-out ignore mainstream salt guidelines.

And we do so with no ill effect.

Salt does not cause high blood pressure unless you have kidney disease. More than 99 percent of the world’s population——statistically speaking, that’s all of us——consume more than the recommended salt levels. We consume more than the 1,500 mg a day pushed by many mainstream health authorities, and more than the 2,300 mg a day backed by some others.

And not by a little bit, either. We blow past those limits like truck drivers on the interstate——because we get around TRIPLE the levels of salt we’re “supposed to” get, or somewhere between 4,200 and 5,500 mg per day.

We eat so much salt that if even half of what you’ve heard about it is true we should all be dead by now.

The biggest gripe, as you’ve no doubt heard countless times, is that salt will cause your BP levels to shoot up like a rocket. But the study proves that’s a load of bull. Consuming more than 5 grams of sodium a day——5 GRAMS!——will add less than 3 points to your systolic (“top number”) reading.

In other words, cutting back on salt won’t make much of a difference in your BP levels, or just what I’ve been saying all along. And, of course, BP alone isn’t even the big risk factor it’s been made out to be anyway.

So a low-salt diet WON’T lower your blood pressure, WON’T protect your heart and WON’T save your life——but it certainly could ruin your life, and it might even end it. Just take a look at the SCIENCE on this:

Seniors with the lowest salt intake are FIVE TIMES more likely to drop dead of heart problems than seniors with the highest intake, according to a recent study in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Another recent study finds seniors with low sodium levels are 61 percent more likely to suffer spinal fracture, 39 percent more likely to suffer other types of fracture and 21 percent more likely to die of any cause.

And a 1995 study found that seniors on a low-salt diet are more likely to suffer a heart attack.

I could go on, but I think you get the point——because every single time this has been studied objectively, the results have been the same.

So forget the mainstream guidelines and follow my common-sense guidelines instead: If it tastes better with salt, then break out the shaker. Your taste buds are the best and only judge of how much is too much, and if you follow them you’ll always get just the right amount.

The only real way to get “too much” is to eat the packaged foods, fast foods and convenience foods that are practically made of salt——because everything from canned soup to restaurant flapjacks is absolutely loaded with salt.

Make those same dishes from scratch (not as hard as it might sound, by the way), and there’s not a chance in the world you’d use anything close to the levels of salt found in packaged foods.

And when you do use salt, use the right stuff——and that means avoiding the little girl with the umbrella. The only salt worth its salt is pure sea salt from a clean seabed. It should be gray, not white, and you’ll have to grind it yourself.

Consider that one of the only forms of regular exercise that gets my endorsement.