Shoe inserts don’t help knee osteoarthritis

The $20 scam that won't save your knees

Everywhere you turn, someone's trying to make a buck off your misery -- and if your misery comes from knee osteoarthritis, it won't be long before someone tries to sell you a set of shoe inserts.

Supposedly, the inserts can shift some of your weight away from the part of the knee that hurts most. But new research confirms they shift some weight in a much different way.

They shift it right out of your wallet!

Since a $20 bill doesn't weigh much, they won't take much pressure off your knees -- and that's why the new review of a dozen studies finds that overall, these things don't bring pain relief to osteoarthritis patients.

A few smaller studies find a minor benefit, but most of the large ones find none at all.

But why would anyone expect these things to work in the first place? The problem isn't how you carry your weight. It's that your knees themselves are practically disintegrating from the inside, with your cartilage practically turning into dust.

No little shoe insert is going to help with that.

Some docs will tell you the only real choice is surgery, but that's just bunk. Studies have found no real benefit to arthroscopic surgery for knee osteoarthritis, including no difference in pain, physical function, and quality of life.

And those ever-popular total knee replacements aren't much better, with a study in Lancet last year finding little evidence to back the safety, effectiveness, and even patient satisfaction with the procedure.

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