The Douglass Report September 2013

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Vaccine? You don’t need no stinkin’ vaccine!
Your guide to fighting infection and beating disease

Think Christmas marketing starts earlier each year? Well, Santa’s Madison Avenue helpers have nothing on Big Pharma’s vaccination elves--because these days, they’re hawking flu shots starting in August!

Even if you believe in the flu shot, this is nuttier than buying your Christmas ham at a Labor Day sale. In August, September, October and sometimes even beyond, they still don’t know if what’s in the shot will actually match the virus of the year.

And when it does... who cares? Even if it’s a perfect match, it’s still badly ineffective--and I’ll tell you more about that in a moment.

First, I’ve got some big news to share with you today: flu protection that really works. It’s something you already have on you right now--and something you carry with you everywhere you go.

It’s free, safe, far more powerful than any vaccine and it never wears off. In fact, new research shows this flu fighter actually gets STRONGER with each passing year. It’s not a drug... not a vitamin... and it’s not even a super-food. It’s...

Your own immune system!

That’s right--your body already has the power to take on the flu virus and win. And the older you get, the more that power grows, as one new study confirms that the deadliest strains of flu are actually less deadly to seniors.

In the biggest flu pandemics of the past century--1918-1919, 1957 and 1968-69--seniors were less likely to die of flu than the under-65 crowd. And in the non-event swine-flu panic of 2009-2010, the same thing happened: seniors had a much lower rate of death.

Why? It’s that immune system--because it has a memory, and it’s much better than the memory you rely on for birthdays and anniversaries. Over the years, your immune memory actually gets stronger. Each time you’re exposed to flu, it remembers. And when the Big Ones hit, it already knows EXACTLY how to fight back.

In many ways, it’s the ultimate vaccine--minus the needle, the hype, the side effects and the cost. And unlike the vaccine, your immune system actually WORKS--because despite what you hear year after year... despite what you’re hearing right now as the 2013 flu-shot frenzy gets into full swing... the vaccine doesn’t deliver on the promise of fewer illnesses and fewer deaths.

The CDC even admitted that the most recent flu shot was the worst ever for seniors, offering a protection rate of just 9 percent.

Pathetic? You bet it is--but this gets even worse, because even the “good” numbers from last year are laughably bad.

The CDC claims the overall protection rate was a supposedly robust 56 percent--but that doesn’t mean the shot saved 56 percent of the people who got it. Since only 2 or 3 percent of the unvaccinated actually get the flu in the first place even in a “bad” year, you have to subtract the 56 percent from there.

I’m no math whiz, but I do know that 56 percent of 3 percent is a measly 1.68 percent--and that’s the absolute protection rate of last year’s flu shot, give or take a few tenths of a percent. That’s it.

And for that minimal level of so-called protection, they expect you to let some crank inject you with a needle full of God-knows-what, exposing you to side effects that can include nerve disorders, allergic reaction and even the flu itself? Nonsense.

There are much better ways to protect yourself from the ravages of flu, starting with my...


1)   Vitamin D: Hopefully, you’re already getting plenty of it--because along with protecting your bones, heart, brain and more, the sunshine vitamin is proven to be up to 800 percent more effective than the shot at preventing flu. Vitamin D can even help prevent the cold--something no shot on the planet can claim. Now THAT’S how you fight winter illness, folks!

2)   Chicken Soup: Yes, you read that right--chicken soup. Grandma’s cure for the cold is no folk remedy--because broth (REAL broth) is loaded with carnosine, an immune-boosting compound that can actually stop viruses from replicating inside the body. That makes it effective against both colds and the flu.

3)   Wash your hands: Simple? Definitely. Effective? You bet it is--because a virus that doesn’t get into your body is a virus that can’t make you sick. Just be sure to wash the right way, and that means NOT pulling the old splash-and-dash. Instead, suds up with plain (not antibacterial) soap for a good 20-30 seconds, covering both sides of the hands and under the fingernails, then rinse and dry. Basic stuff, but you’d be surprised at how many people manage to get it wrong... and how many don’t wash at all.

Finally, remember that you could do everything WRONG and still not get the flu--because despite the annual PR campaign, this illness is not nearly as widespread as you’ve been led to believe.

On the other hand, you could do everything RIGHT and still get sick. And if that happens to you, don’t panic. Whether it’s a bad cold or the full-blown flu, most people recover with a few days of bed rest. Just be sure to take plenty of immune-boosting vitamins and drink plenty of grandma’s chicken soup.