Don’t miss out on the essentials! Make sure your vitamins cover ALL your bases

Don’t miss out on the essentials!
Make sure your vitamins cover ALL your bases

Show me someone who claims to have a perfectly balanced diet with just the right amount of every essential nutrient, and I’ll show you an ignoramus.

Fact is, it’s not just difficult to get what you need from diet alone. It’s downright impossible, impractical, and--in some cases--even dangerous.

Just look at vitamin E and magnesium, two essentials that many people miss out on.

Why do they miss out? Because one of the best sources of both of these nutrients is spinach--but you’d have to eat a pound a day or more just to meet the puny minimal recommended levels (and you still won’t come close to optimal levels).

Now if you want to nibble on rabbit food all day, go right ahead... I’m certainly not going to tell ya not to. After all, it’s a heck of a lot better than junk food and you’ll surely pick up a few nutrients as you graze. But let’s get real, not even Popeye himself could choke down a bushel of spinach seven days a week!

Of course, the only risk of too much spinach is you’ll get sick of the stuff. Other food sources of essentials come with some very real dangers.

For example, you CAN get the omega-3s you need if you eat fish regularly--but many of the best sources of these fatty acids are often high in mercury.

That’s one thing you definitely DON’T need.

And let’s face facts here: Even if you eat close to a perfect diet, you could still miss out on essentials--and in many cases, you may not even know it.

That’s why good health starts with a good multivitamin, but it doesn’t end there since the one-size-fits-all formula in even the best multivitamins can never really fit all.

Age, race, gender, specific health concerns, and even where you live can all play a big role in what you’re missing and what you need to maintain overall good health.

That’s why I’ve developed a new line of nutrients called Real Advantage Essentials. My Essentials pick up where diet and your multivitamin leave off.

These Essentials aren’t loaded with extras designed to jack up the price either. Each one is just what you need--a single nutrient, or groups of nutrients that work together--and nothing you don’t.

More importantly, my Essentials will be available at a price everyone can afford--so if you have specific needs that aren’t being met by diet and your multi, or if you simply want to make sure you have optimal levels of certain nutrients, RA Essentials will fit the bill..

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