The Douglass Report June 2013

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The truth about what REALLY powers your heart

You’ve been told for years that saturated fats are unhealthy...lectured like a child about the so-called dangers of red meat...and even threatened with disease and death if you ignore government advice and eat meats and dairy anyway.

Saturated fats have been so vilified that I’m surprised the USDA hasn’t launched drone strikes on cows and pigs (and yes——believe it or not, the USDA has drones).

Well, next time you hear the lectures——next time you hear the LIES——tell ‘em to stick a fork in it. Then, stick a fork into your steak and enjoy every healthy bite——because new research confirms that saturated fats are critical to your heart.

In fact, the study proves that cutting back on these fats isn’t just unhealthy...

It’s downright suicidal!

Researchers split 458 middle-aged men who had recently suffered a heart attack or angina into two groups.

The first group was told to keep eating saturated fats. Your own doc (not to mention the government know-it-alls) would probably call that crazy——but if you want to see something really insane, take a look at the second group.

They were told to cut saturated fats to less than 10 percent of their daily calories. Then, they were ordered to replace those healthy animal fats with polyunsaturated fats from plant and seed oils.

For example, they had to replace honest-to-goodness butter with a safflower oil-based margarine, bringing their polyunsaturated fat intake up to a minimum of 15 percent of their daily calories. These changes also caused their levels of essential omega-3 fatty acids to plunge, while raising their levels of omega-6.

Do I even need to tell you what happened next?

The men who made the so-called “healthy” switch saw their cholesterol levels plunge by 13 percent. They must’ve been thrilled. Their doctors must’ve been ecstatic.

They were probably ready to celebrate, and then...

They started dropping like flies!

They died off at DOUBLE the rate of the heart patients who were allowed to keep eating saturated animal fats. They had a higher risk of death from all causes, and more specifically a higher risk of death from heart disease and other heart problems, according to the study in BMJ.

Funny thing about this study, by the way: It was conducted between 1966 and 1973——at the dawn of the low-fat “revolution,” when governments and Big Ag converted everyone to the false gospel of grains, soy, canola, and safflower.

But the study was only published this year.

What happened? Supposedly, the data was “missing” and only recently rediscovered.

Maybe that’s even true...but I suspect someone saw the results and thought the study might be a career-ender, since it was so out of tune with the emerging mainstream message.

And we’ve been killing ourselves with that message ever since.

Clearly, it’s time to change that message and get back to basics——but it’s not as easy as swapping margarine for butter anymore, because something else has happened over the past few decades.

We started treating cows as badly as we treat ourselves.

Once upon a time, cows were set loose and allowed to munch on grass all day——a lifestyle perfect for producing milk and meat with high levels of critical omega-3 fatty acids and low levels of omega-6 fatty acids.

Today, the animals on factory farms eat the same junky diet of plants, grains, and seed oils that has wrecked human health. This has literally re-engineered cows, causing them to produce meat and milk with dramatically higher levels of omega-6 fatty acids and almost none of the essential omega-3s.

So while ANY butter is better than margarine and ANY meat is better than tofu, the best way to get the essential nutrients and healthy animal fats you need is by getting them from grass-fed cows instead of the animals raised on factory farms.

Don’t shy away from the fatty cuts, and enjoy full-fat RAW dairy instead of the pale runoff that passes for milk in supermarkets.

If you want to nibble on a plant or two along the way, be my guest——but do it because you want to, not because you have to. And if you really want to turbo-charge your heart protection plan, follow my...


Don’t Fear the Shaker: The saltshaker, that is——because the idea that salt causes heart disease is medical myth, not science.

In fact, the science is crystal clear on this. Dozens of studies have proven that LOW-salt diets are dangerous and even deadly——and one recent study in the Journal of the American Medical Association finds that people with the lowest sodium intake are actually five times more likely to die of cardiovascular disease than those with the highest.

Low sodium can also lead to brittle and broken bones, among other health problems——and let’s not forget the biggest risk of all: bland and tasteless food.

Yes, it’s possible to get too much sodium if you eat processed foods all day——but if that’s your diet, you’ve got much bigger problems than salt intake anyway. Stick to real fresh foods instead, and you can shake as much salt onto it as your taste buds crave.

Get Married: Your spouse might drive you nuts at times, but married people have healthier hearts and are more likely to survive heart problems when they do strike. One recent study finds single men are up to 66 percent more likely to have a heart attack and up to 168 percent more likely to die within a month of having one.

Ladies, your numbers are pretty much the same.

I’m sure part of the reason is that happiness is good for your heart. But the rest of it is what I call the “nag factor.”

That’s the ability of a spouse to nag you to see a doctor when you don’t want to...or to go the hospital when you think you’re fine...or to call the ambulance even as you insist that it’s not chest pain, just “something you ate.”

Being married will also help you out with this next tip...

Have More Sex: They say exercise is good for the heart, but that’s bunk. There’s a reason gyms were among the first places to install AEDs (automated external defibrillators), and it’s because all that exercise brings hearts right to the brink of the breaking point.

So forget working out in the gym. The best way to stay fit is through natural movement. And the most natural movements of all are the ones that take place between the sheets.

Studies have shown that sexually active adults have stronger, healthier hearts. In fact, men who “do it” at least twice a week have half the risk of heart disease of men do it once a month or less.

And if you’ve already had a heart attack, don’t worry. Not only will sex NOT cause another one, but studies have shown it can actually help prevent that second attack.

The general rule of thumb for heart attack patients is that once you’re healthy enough to climb a couple of flights of stairs, you’re healthy enough to climb back into action in your bed.

Raise Your Glass: Moderate drinkers have healthier hearts, period.

One study out of Spain found that men who drink daily are 50 percent less likely to develop heart disease than men who don’t. And if you’ve already had a heart attack, don’t stop.

Moderate drinking can cut the risk of a second heart attack in half, slash your risk of death from heart disease by 42 percent and even help reduce the risk of death from all causes by 14 percent.