Forget all those colorful ribbons——if you really want to raise awareness over cancer, try a pair of horns instead. The horns represent the bull, because most of what you’ve heard about cancer is just that: BULL.

Many common tumors are 100 percent harmless. Most common cancer treatments, on the other hand, are toxic and even deadly——and if you want some real-world proof, look no further than the kidney.

In one new study, just 3 percent of seniors with relatively common small kidney tumors ultimately died because of them over five years. Not 3 percent of those treated——but 3 percent either way, whether they had surgery or did nothing at all.

Of course, cancer surgeons don’t want you to know that. They don’t make money by NOT operating, so even if you confront them with the numbers, they’ll feed you the same tired old line they use to strike fear into the hearts of all cancer patients:

Wouldn’t you rather be safe than sorry?

Well, if you give in to his fear-mongering, you really will be sorry——because while your risk of death from kidney cancer won’t change with surgery, your risk of just about everything else will. And not for the better.

Seniors who have kidney tumors less than 2 inches in diameter removed are MORE likely to die and MORE likely to suffer heart problems than seniors who just let those tumors be, according to the study of some 8,300 cancer patients.

Seniors who DON’T have surgery, on the other hand, are 63 percent less likely to die from all causes and 50 percent less likely to suffer cardiovascular events.

That last one’s a biggie.

Remember, these are seniors, so many of them are already facing a higher risk of heart problems. The fact that opting OUT of surgery will slash that risk is something every senior with a kidney tumor needs to know right now.

Kidney cancer surgeries also come with a risk of infection, bleeding problems, complications that can damage nearby organs and even failure in the untreated kidney if it can’t keep up with the extra work.

The message is getting out about breast and prostate cancers, as millions choose to skip treatment when those tumors are detected. But it hasn’t gotten out about kidney cancer——because surgery remains the standard treatment, even for the smallest of all tumors. It’s time to change that.

I can’t sit here and tell you surgery is never needed. But clearly, you’ve got choices——including non-surgical and drug-free treatments, as well as the choice to do nothing at all. And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise——especially if that “anyone” stands to make a few bucks off your treatment.