The rise of the ‘MYSTERY’ disease

The rise of the ‘MYSTERY’ disease
The symptoms...the cause... THE CURE

It’s the silent epidemic sweeping the nation——a wave of illness striking from coast to coast.

And the so-called experts haven’t even noticed.

They’ve missed all the usual warning signs because the usual warning signs aren’t there. There’s no common set of symptoms to watch doesn’t spread from person to person...and there are no clusters of sick people to get anyone’s attention.

In some cases, it’s a physical disease with pain and fatigue. In others, it’s a mental condition with moodiness, irritability, or memory loss. What makes this mystery disease so hard to spot is that it’s a world-class mimic that can impersonate so many other conditions.

And it does it so well that your doc is bound to diagnose it wrong.

When he gets that diagnosis wrong, you get the wrong treatment. And when you get the wrong treatment, you don’t get better.

You get WORSE.

Well, if you’ve got a few unexplainable symptoms of your own and you’re sick of seeing doctor after doctor and specialist after specialist...tired of coming up empty after so many tests you feel like a human pincushion...frustrated with treatments that don’t work because they’re for diseases you don’t even have...then I’ve got some good news for you for a change.

Your own doctor might not have a clue as to what’s going on, but I do——and if you take action now, you can reverse this mystery disease and get back to life the way it was before disaster struck.

The reason so many doctors and specialists keep getting this one wrong is because they’re all looking in the wrong place. In fact, this mystery “disease” isn’t actually a disease it all.


Mercury is one of the most toxic heavy metals on earth——and odds are, it’s slowly building up inside your body right now. It’s in your food, your water, and even your teeth.

No wonder you’re falling apart!

If you want to see how fast your world can crumble, take a look at the case of Richard Gelfond. You may not know his name, but you’ve heard of his company. Gelfond is CEO of IMAX, the movie theater chain known for its giant screens.

Once upon a time, Gelfond was vibrant and athletic. Then, out of the blue, he found himself getting weaker and weaker. It reached the point where he needed to cling to his wife to cross the street.

Gelfond recently told “60 Minutes” that doctors on both coasts couldn’t figure out why he was rapidly deteriorating. Then, a neurologist asked him about his diet.

Turns out he was eating seafood twice a day——a habit that nearly cost him his life, because the fish he was eating had more mercury lurking in it than an old thermometer.

He’s undergoing treatment now, but tragically it may be too late: While he’s improved, Gelfond says his life might never be the same again. And if a man with all that money and access to top doctors can’t get the help he needs in time, what chance do you as a “Regular Joe” have?

Well, your chances suddenly got much better just now...because unlike Richard Gelfond, you have ME to keep watch over you.

The first thing you need to do, whether you have any signs of mystery disease or not, is to identify and eliminate all the possible sources of mercury exposure.

Odds are, you’ve got more than you think.
Seafood: Love fish? Then, like Gelfond, you probably already have elevated mercury levels. In one recent study, 84 percent of fish sampled tested positive for mercury. High-mercury fish include tuna, shark, and king mackerel, but the truth is almost any fish can be contaminated these days. Choose wisely.

Teeth: If you have a mouthful of silver fillings, you’ve got a mouthful of mercury——and you weren’t just exposed when the dentist did the job. Over the years, the fillings slowly crumble——and you get a dose of mercury with every bite, chew, and swallow. The dentists of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology specialize in mercury-free dentistry and the safe removal of amalgam (“silver”) fillings. Visit them online at to find a dentist near you.

Light bulbs: If mercury in your mouth is the worst idea ever, then a cloud of hot mercury suspended in a thin glass tube a few feet above your head for 12 hours a day has got to be a close runner-up. Yet that’s exactly what the federally mandated “environmentally friendly” CFL light bulbs are. I’m no fan of the old bulbs, but stock up while you still can——or make the switch to full-spectrum lighting.

Water: Yes, there’s even mercury in your tap water, often a byproduct of industrial waste and the chemicals used on factory farms. Amazingly, the feds didn’t even start regulating mercury in the water until the 1990s——so many of us have been drinking, cooking with, and bathing in contaminated H20 for decades. Don’t count on your local water department to keep the mercury out. They don’t even know where to begin. A reverse osmosis water filter can remove up to 97 percent of the mercury.

There’s also mercury in everything from vaccines to skin creams——supposedly just a “little bit” here and there. But when it comes to this toxic heavy metal, every little bit counts——because once it enters your body, it doesn’t leave.

It stays, slowly accumulating with each exposure. It may take years or even decades before you reach toxic levels, but when you do...WHAM! You’ve got “mystery disease.”

Like I said earlier, the symptoms can be physical, mental or both——which is why it’s so often misdiagnosed. Here are just some of the common conditions that could really be mercury poisoning in disguise:

• Parkinson’s disease                                • Multiple Sclerosis

• Cerebral palsy                                        • Pain

• Fibromyalgia                                           • Tremors

• Stomach disorders                                 • Respiratory problems

• Vision loss                                               • Hearing loss

• Skin diseases                                          • Alzheimer’s disease

• Dementia                                                            • Sleep disorders

• Depression                                                          • Fatigue

• Muscle pain and weakness                    • Irritability

• Mood swings                                           • Headaches

• Metabolic encephalopathy                     • And more!

Some people will have only one of those symptoms. Others may have several. And still others could experience something else entirely——so you can see what even a good doctor is up against here.

Testing for mercury isn’t difficult. But it’s not routine, and it does take a certain amount of work. Because there are different types of mercury (leading to different symptoms), there are different tests——and a good doctor will use more than one, including a blood test, 24-hour urine collection, fecal tests, skin tests, and an analysis of your hair.

If you suspect mercury poisoning and one test comes back negative, insist on taking some of the other tests.

If mercury poisoning is detected, early treatment is critical. In many cases, chelation therapy can help remove some forms of mercury.

A naturopathic physician can help diagnose you and choose the best treatment. I recommend a doctor who belongs to the American Academy for Advancement in Medicine. To find one near you, call 1-800-532-3688 or visit them online at