The sweetest way to get cancer

The sweetest way to get cancer

Love soda? You’re not the only one——because there’s something else that loves soda even more than you do.

That’s right...someTHING, and that THING could be growing inside your body right now.

It’s a tumor.

Many cancers love carbs, especially sugar. The more they get, the more they grow——and sugar can even turn a completely harmless tumor into a cold-blooded killer.

Just take a look at prostate tumors.

Your typical prostate tumor doesn’t need to be screened or treated because it’ll never hurt you——and if it grows at all, it’ll grow so slowly that there’s almost no chance it’ll ever pose a risk during a normal human lifespan.

That’s why you’re better off not even knowing they’re there...most of the time.

But once that tumor gets a taste of soda, it could get a growth spurt like nothing you’ve ever seen——which is why one new study finds that men who drink sugar-sweetened beverages don’t just have a higher risk of prostate cancer.

They have a higher risk of potentially DEADLY prostate cancer.

Men who guzzle 11 ounces of soda a day are 40 percent more likely to get the most aggressive types of prostate tumors, according to one recent study.

That’s a huge increase in risk from a very small amount of soda——less than a can a day, in an age when many people are drinking a quart, a liter, or more just at lunchtime.

And while soda has no shortage of ingredients that could contribute to cancer——even the ammonia-based coloring used in many colas has been linked to the disease——the smart money here is on the sugars, whether it’s high-fructose corn syrup or even the fancy schmancy “evaporated cane juice” used in the overpriced soft drinks you find in places like Whole Foods.

If it’s sweet, cancer loves it——and not just in drink form. The same study also finds that everything from sugary breakfast cereals to simple carbs like rice and potatoes can increase the risk of prostate tumors by a third or more.

Don’t rest easy if you’re not a man——because carbs can feed other cancers, including the tumors that can kill men and women alike.

In another new study, carbs even helped turn cancer survivors into cancer victims for a second time——boosting the risk of potentially deadly colon cancer.

Survive this disease once, and you can consider yourself lucky. But fight it again, and your luck could run out——and the study of more than 1,000 stage III colon cancer survivors in their early 60s found that high carb intake increased the risk of a recurrence and even DEATH by 80 percent.

And in overweight and obese colon cancer survivors, a steady carb habit more than doubled the risk of a second battle with colon cancer and death.

But isn’t this what I’ve been saying all along? Carbs in general and sugar in particular ARE death...and the more you eat——or drink——the more likely something will do you in.

Maybe it’ll be cancer...but it could also be heart disease or diabetes.

If you haven’t started eliminating carbs from your diet yet, it’s high time you take action——even if you’re older. ESPECIALLY if you’re older, because as the new studies show all too clearly, you could be facing some of the biggest risks of all on this one.

The easiest and fastest way for many people to cut carb intake dramatically is to go into the kitchen and toss all the soda. And if you want to wet your whistle with something that can fight the disease instead of causing it, replace the liquid sugar with one or more of my...


1)   Coffee: I have to laugh whenever I see those stupid commercials for energy drinks. Who needs that garbage when coffee has been doing the trick for centuries? And java won’t just give you that much-needed jolt——it can also fight diabetes, heart disease, dementia, and Parkinson’s as well as cancers of the liver, colon, esophagus, breast, prostate, and more. The biggest benefits usually kick in at three or four cups a day (or more) so don’t be afraid to get a refill——just don’t negate the benefits of the bean by adding sugar.

2)   Tea: Antioxidant-rich tea is one of the healthiest choices you can make each day. And green tea in particular is loaded with EGCG, a powerful catechin that can slow the growth of tumors or even cause them to shrink. If green isn’t your cup of tea, go black——because while black teas may lack EGCG, they’re loaded with other cancer-fighting antioxidants.

3)   Raw milk: Like to rebel? Then you’ll love raw milk. Farm-fresh raw milk can cure everything from asthma to digestive problems, and it’s loaded with conjugated linoleic acid, a fat that can help prevent cancer or fight the disease if you do get it. Raw milk also fights cancer by simply NOT being the hormone-laced pasteurized factory farm swill found in supermarkets. If you want cancer, go ahead and drink that stuff!

And for one of the best ways yet to prevent, slow, and even reverse cancer, skip ahead to the next story——I’ve got some news you just have to see.