Master cancer with? this inexpensive vitamin

Master cancer with
this inexpensive vitamin

Stay out of the sun! Cover up! Slather on sunscreen! Sun causes cancer!

You hear all that and more so often you might even start to believe this alarmist claptrap——but the sun doesn’t cause cancer any more than the moon causes pimples.

The truth is just the opposite: The sun can PREVENT and even CURE cancer, and it’s our mass avoidance of our nearest star that’s actually causing disease rates to shoot sky high.

Part of the reason of course is what we use to avoid the sun. Sunscreens are loaded with chemical poisons and known carcinogens——and if people knew what was really inside them, there’s no way in heck they’d willingly slather it all over their skin.

But it’s not just that the chemicals in sunscreen cause cancer. It’s the fact that they block the very process that fights the disease in the first place.

When you get out under the sun, your body gets the single cheapest nutritional boost around. It produces vitamin D, right out of the thin air——and that hormone (yes, it’s a hormone) can slow, stop, and even reverse the tumor-making process.

I can point you to dozens of studies that back this up, like the one on women that found just 1,100 IUs of vitamin D a day made them 60 percent less likely to get cancer than women who took a placebo. Or the study on nearly 17,000 men and women that found blood levels of 80 nmol/L or higher cut the risk of death from colorectal cancers by 72 percent.

One study in 2011 even found that 77 percent of cancer patients were deficient in vitamin D. What’s stunning about that one isn’t just the number——it’s the fact that it’s across the board, covering nearly every cancer, including cancers of the breast, prostate, lung, and thyroid as well as colorectal cancers.

I could show you even more studies, but I think you get the point——and this isn’t just a trick of the numbers. Vitamin D has such a powerful effect on cancer that tumors practically shrink in fear whenever you step out in the sun.

If I’m exaggerating, it’s not by much——in one recent set of experiments, vitamin D was shown to have such a direct and powerful effect on tumors that researchers dubbed it...

The “master regulator”that can STOP cancer cold!

Cancer, at its heart, is cell division gone haywire——a process that’s often driven by a protein called cMYC. When cMYC levels rise, cell division goes into overdrive.

Next thing you know, you’ve got a tumor——and given enough cMYC, that tumor will keep right on growing until it kills you.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

In a series of stunning experiments, researchers found that ordinary vitamin D——the “master regulator”——was able to cause cMYC function to come grinding to a halt, practically shutting down the tumor-making process at the same time.

It literally stopped the progression of cells from premalignant to malignant——and when you can stop that progression, you stop the cancer.

The results were so clear and convincing that the researchers say don’t wait for more studies on this——make sure you’re taking a D supplement NOW. And if that sounds familiar, you must be a regular reader...because it’s what I’ve been saying all along.

Vitamin D supplements are cheap, easy to find, and safe——and along with taking one each day, make sure you get some of this hormone the old-fashioned way. Step outside...and “Into the Light.” (available on Amazon)

P.S. I almost forgot to mention that when you turn to your favorite cup of java to ward of cancer, just be sure it’s the high test type. While some studies have found that decaf could have some of the same cancer-fighting benefits other studies didn’t——so if you want all the benefits, make sure you’re drinking your Joe fully charged