EXPOSED!? How low cholesterol? doesn’t lead to better health

How low cholesterol
doesn’t lead to better health

If low cholesterol was so important, we’d be in contention for the healthiest nation on the planet. After all, our average levels are now right in the middle of the mainstream’s sweet spot.

And what do we have to show for it?


According to the latest numbers in the Journal of the American Medical Association, total cholesterol levels have fallen by an average of 10 points, down to an average of 196 mg/dL, while our LDL levels have sunk to an average of 116 mg/dL.

That’s right in the heart of what the mainstream considers “near ideal.” And if we’re near ideal, we should have heart disease on the ropes.

Instead, we’re fatter, sicker, and weaker than ever——and that means the new numbers are really just more proof that I’ve been right on this all along: When it comes to heart risk, your cholesterol levels are about as relevant as your shoe size.

Heart disease was our leading killer when the new study began back in 1988, when cholesterol levels were supposedly “high.” Now that they’re near optimal, heart disease remains our leading killer today.

Some 80 million Americans have heart disease despite those “picture-perfect” cholesterol numbers. And by 2030——which isn’t as far off as it sounds——that number’s expected to rise nearly 50 percent, to 116 million.

Think those numbers are big? Wait ‘til you see the cost of caring for all those heart patients. It’s expected to top $1 trillion a year in the very near future.

You want to fix the deficit? Start by fixing heart disease!

So the most patriotic thing you can do right now, for yourself and your country, is follow my four simple rules for protecting your heart:

1) Throw everything you think you know about cholesterol out the window. Forget the targets and forget the ratio of LDL to HDL——the only thing that REALLY matters is total cholesterol. Keep yours between 200 and 300, and you’re golden. If it’s below that——and, if you’re like the average American today, you are below that——you’ll need to get busy with rule #2.

2) Dust off the skillet, fire up the grill and make friends with the neighborhood butcher. Bacon, steak, pork chops, farm-fresh eggs and chicken——yes, even the dark meat——are now back on the menu at every meal. You’ve got some catching up to do.

3) Avoid carbs, especially sugars. Carbs will cause your belly to swell and overwhelm your organs with so much fat they’ll be literally squeezed to death.

4) Finally, stop stressing over your cholesterol levels. Unlike LDL, too much stress really is a major risk factor for your heart. And if you’re tired of a cholesterol lecture at every checkup, fire your doctor and visit one who belongs to the American College for Advancement in Medicine instead. Call 1-800-532-3688 to find one near you.

Is it really that simple? You bet it is. Get started today, and you’ll beat heart disease, avoid diabetes, and live a long and healthy life——and finally look forward to delicious meals each night instead of Lean Cuisine.

p.s. Craving another cup of Joe? Well go ahead and have one...or three. I told you earlier about several natural cancer fighters that can help you kick cancer to the curb. But I almost forgot one of my! Four cups a day can slash your risk of colorectal cancer by 15 percent. Up it to six and that risk drops by 26 percent!