BETA BLOCKED!? Drugs taken by 20 million Americans…?do nothing at all

Drugs taken by 20 million Americans...
?do nothing at all

Time for another edition of Douglass Report Myth Busters——and this time, I’m busting one the biggest myths in modern medicine.

It’s one everyone’s heard at some point, and most people have heard hundreds of times——so often, most people just assume it’s true.

Ready for it? Here it is: High blood pressure is a killer.

Not just any killer, mind you. Just to add a little extra drama, mainstream know-it-alls claim hypertension is “the silent killer.”

Think about how ridiculous that is. I mean, is there any disease at all that announces itself with a bunch of noise? The only real noise here is coming from your doctor——because when it comes to hypertension, that’s what most of it is: Noise.

It’s certainly not a disease, and it’s not even a risk factor for disease If it was, then lowering those ungodly high blood pressure levels would PREVENT heart problems and save lives, right?

Well, the proof is in the pudding——and today, the pudding is in the Journal of the American Medical Association, where the latest research confirms that the drugs taken by some 20 million Americans to lower those high BP levels ?do absolutely nothing to prevent heart problems.

You know these drugs. You almost certainly know someone on them, and you might even be taking them yourself.

They’re called beta-blockers, and researchers looked at data on 44,708 patients with hypertension, risk factors for heart problems, or a history of heart attacks, some of whom were given beta-blockers as part of their treatment.

Now, say you want about beta-blockers——and there’s plenty to say——but they do deliver on the promise of lower blood pressure. Take ‘em, and your levels will drop.

It’s almost guaranteed.

But the promises end there, because the patients in the new study were tracked for nearly four years——and in that time, there were no differences in the number of serious heart problems such as heart attack and stroke and no difference at all in the number of deaths.

In patients with risk factors for heart problems such as that “silent killer,” hypertension, 14.2 percent of the patients on the beta-blockers experienced either a heart problem or death from heart disease, versus 12 percent of those NOT on the drugs.

People who got the meds actually did slightly WORSE than those who didn’t!

And in patients with coronary artery disease, 12.9 percent of those on the meds had a heart attack or stroke or died of heart disease——versus 13.6 percent of those not on the meds.

The only real difference——the single area where the drugs set themselves apart from the placebo——was in the side effects department.

And when it comes to side effects, these drugs deliver some real beauts. For example, if you like horror movies, then you’ll just love beta-blockers——because these meds can cause nightmares so vivid that some people wake up screaming.

That’s in addition to the usual list of side effects that come with these kinds of drugs——including dizziness, diarrhea, headaches, sex problems, fatigue, insomnia, etc.

It’s enough to make you want to stop taking the meds right this instant.


There’s one other side effect beta-blockers are known for——and that’s a risk that shoots up the moment you stop taking them. This isn’t because the drug is no longer protecting you... it’s more of a shock to the system that could actually cause a heart attack.

So while you DO want to stop taking beta-blockers, you’ve got to do it the right way——and that’s ONLY with the help of a naturopathic physician who can wean you off the meds without putting your life on the line.