The most disgusting thing you could ever drink


The most disgusting thing
you could ever drink

If you have a weak stomach you might want to brace yourself before you read further. Because if you’re drinking plain old tap water, you may as well be drinking from your toilet--AFTER everyone in your neighborhood has used it.

Gross? Yes--but it’s true, as a new study confirms that your water is crawling with fecal filth and other nasty stomach-churning germs... and it’s getting so bad that bacteria in tap water are now responsible for a fifth of all stomach illnesses in the United States.

That’s 1.1 million cases of the squirts, pukes, and worse every single year, according to a new study.

It’s like getting Montezuma’s Revenge, but without the vacation to Mexico (on the other hand, at least no one’s shooting at you when you go to the kitchen sink).

Think better water treatment will help? Think again--your water is already so over-treated that you can probably smell and even taste the bleach and all the other harsh chemicals used to keep it “clean.”

Even powerful UV light filters at water treatment plants won’t make a difference. After two years of experiments with these systems at water treatment facilities in 14 communities, there was no difference in bacteria levels flowing from faucets in nearby homes, according to the new study.

And there’s a simple reason for that: The bacteria are getting into the water supply AFTER it leaves treatment facilities.

How does it happen? Join me now as I take you on a journey...

From the toilet to the sink

Try to picture what happens after you flush the toilet. Better yet, don’t picture it--it’s disgusting. Let’s keep it as clean as we can here and say that everything leaves your house in a pipe.

Now, picture what happens when you turn the tap on your sink when you want a drink. Water flows into your home from pipes, right?

They’re not the same pipes, of course. But the geniuses who designed these systems generations ago laid both the water and sewer pipes side-by-side in most places.

Must’ve seemed like a good idea at the time, when the pipes were new and solid and everyone thought they’d last forever, or at least would be replaced from time to time.

But they didn’t last, and they haven’t been replaced. They’re in such bad shape that the EPA says those pipes need $500 billion in repairs and maintenance before the decade’s out.

That’s HALF A TRILLION BUCKS at a time when our national slush fund is all dried up--so guess what’s not getting repaired anytime soon?

That’s right... those pipes.

So what you have buried outside your home right now is a crumbling old sewer pipe leaking germs into the soil around it. Running right alongside it, sharing that same dirty soil, is the crumbling old pipe that carries water to your sink--and all it takes is one little crack or leaky spot for the bacteria in the soil to hop inside.

And if there’s even a slight pressure change inside the pipes, those germs could actually get SUCKED inside and be given an express ride right to your kitchen sink.

This isn’t a theoretical problem. It’s a very real one. George Washington University says 850 billion--BILLION, with a “B”--gallons of wastewater enter the drinking water supply every year.

That’s more than 100 times the amount of bottled water sold in this country annually.

This is going to get worse, not better. That’s reality--and even if they managed to plug every leak in your pipes or kill off all the bacteria, the water would still be dangerously contaminated with everything from rocket fuel to sex-change hormones.

In fact, in some parts of the country, the water is so overflowing with hormones that fish and frogs are spontaneously changing gender. And if you don’t think hormone-laced water has the same effect on humans, check out MTV one of these days.

Yes, it’s that bad.

But you don’t have to suffer stomach pains or risk a spontaneous sex change--and you certainly don’t have to watch your hard-earned cash go down the drain by buying bottled water, either. All you really need is a reverse osmosis filtration system, which you can get right now online or at your local home improvement store.

Reverse osmosis is the only water filtration system that can keep absolutely everything--bugs and drugs--out of your water. Just make sure it’s installed where the water enters your home so every tap is protected.