The electrical storm on the horizon…?NEW LIGHT BULBS CAN BURN YOU ALIVE

The electrical storm on the horizon...?

How many politicians does it take to change a light bulb?

That’s a trick question——it doesn’t matter what the number is, because in the end you’re the one getting screwed.

I’m sure you’ve heard by now how the feds think you can’t be trusted to choose your own lighting. They’ve mandated that EVERYONE switch over to those expensive new mercury-laden compact fluorescent light bulbs, supposedly because they’re better for the environment.

I doubt that’s even true, as you’ll see in a moment.

But the real question here is are they better for YOU?

The feds can’t answer that question——they went ahead and passed their overreaching law without commissioning a single study on the health effects of forcing everyone to sit under a white-hot glass ball of mercury all day, every day.

So allow me to provide some illumination.

These bulbs emit ultraviolet light. Now, you know I’m not the type to get excited over a few extra UV rays here and there. But sitting under them all day, every day is an entirely different story.

You may as well be a piece of hamburger under a fast food heat lamp.

The bulbs have a white coating that’s supposed to keep the UV rays from leaking out. But new research out of Stony Brook University in New York shows there’s a big problem with that coating, and it’s one that can’t be fixed because...

It’s the screwy shape of the bulbs themselves.

You know how these bulbs look. They’re all twisty and curvy and barely fit in your lamp——and when they do, they stick out in ugly ways and blind you every time your eyes wander toward that part of the room.

Well, it’s not just unsightly and inconvenient. It’s dangerous, because all those twists and curves often cause tiny cracks in the white protective coating.

And that lets all those UV rays out of the bulb... and onto your skin.

This isn’t a theoretical defect, either. Nearly every single CFL bulb examined by the Stony Brook team had cracks in the coating——which means once you make the federally mandated switch, you’ll be soaking up extra artificial UV rays all day long.

I wish I could tell you how that’s the only risk of these bulbs. If that were the case, maybe a lampshade or something could help.

But it’s not.

As I mentioned, these bulbs are filled with one of the most toxic heavy metals on the planet, mercury. If you want to know how dangerous they are, take a look at the instructions on what to do if a CFL bulb breaks.

It’s a 1,000+ word document that includes clearing the room, opening the windows and shutting down the air conditioning for hours. Eventually, you’re supposed to carefully clean up the mess and dispose of it all in in a sealed glass jar with a metal lid.

Don’t even think about vacuuming up the shattered glass, by the way, because that can actually spread the mercury contamination.

The feds say this is all in the name of caution since the bulbs “only” contain a small amount of mercury. But consider this: Inside every bulb is...

Enough mercury to contaminate 6,000 gallons of water.

And this is supposed to be better for the environment??? Give me a break!

But soon, landfills will be filled with these bulbs, even though you’re not supposed to throw them out in the normal garbage. People will, because people don’t know how else to dispose of them. (Do you?)

And OF COURSE you’re bound to break one eventually. It happens, and when it does you’ll get a lungful of toxic mercury vapor.

But the bulbs don’t have to break to put you and your family at risk. Like I said, the feds never put any research into this before dictating that we all make the switch——but the anecdotal evidence is pouring in.

Already, some are claiming that these bulbs have been linked to seizures, dizziness, migraines, pain, skin disorders, cancer, and more.

You don’t want to be anywhere near these things, much less doing a slow roast directly under them all day. But thanks to that DC mandate, you don’t get a choice in the matter.

One option is to stock up on traditional incandescent bulbs if you still can. Good luck, though——they’re already disappearing from many stores.

But while the old bulbs are light-years ahead of the new ones, they’re not perfect either. Incandescent bulbs emit too much infrared light, which can weaken the immune system and cause other problems——including cataracts.

So as long as you’re being forced to make a switch anyway, look into full-spectrum lighting. Just be cautious here as a growing number of CFL bulbs are being marketed as “full-spectrum” lights.

Obviously, those aren’t the ones you want——but if you do some online sleuthing you should be able to find the kinds of light bulbs that can keep your home lit without ruining your health or risking exposure to toxic heavy metals.

One disclaimer here: That’s enough information to get you started... but it’s not even close to the full story. I’m running out of room this month, but proper lighting also involves balancing the three visible ultraviolet frequencies: UVA, UVB and UVC. I’ll have more on this down the road -- but if you want some illuminating reading now, pick up “Health and Light” by Dr. John Ott and “Into the Light” by yours truly.