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Drugs? Who needs drugs when you can give yourself...

Ask a doctor what three steps you should take for heart health, and he won’t skip a beat: aspirin, statins, and a BP med——and then, for an encore, he’ll of­fer you all three. And, to be sure, he will “offer” you: a diuretic, digitalis, and rat poison (Coumadin).

You’re better off not even asking!

He may as well offer you a punch, kick, and a slap. It would be cheaper, less harmful, and over with quickly.

Now, I could go on and on and on about the risks of all drugs (and I have, and you can bet I will again). But today I’m going to tell you what your own doctor won’t tell you.

What he’s TOO AFRAID to tell you.

Here’s the truth: The drugs he’s pushing have never been proven to save lives. Never. And this is one truth that really can set you free——free of your doctor and his prescription pad.

And that’s why he’s afraid——because if you don’t need that prescription re­newed (and all the tests that go along with it), you won’t come back to his clinic. And when you don’t come back to his clinic, he won’t make money.

I'll admit I'm a little critical of doctors sometimes, but the truth is most of them are sincere and really want to cure you and alleviate your pain, but, well, medicine has changed since I first hung my shingle in Sarasota, Florida in 1960. Many doctors are left behind and they still practice the way they did in 1960. They are bitter because medicine is not as lucrative as it was and the science has overwhelmed them. The technology is awesome and the GP is just not equipped for today’s medicine.

But there’s hope. A fabulous revolution in herbal medicine is blooming like a chrysalis. The PhDs in the universities and medical schools have discovered remarkable curative properties in plants we eat every day. Let me explain; this, of course, does not mean a tomato will give you a long life just because it contains anatabine citrate. The content of anatabine in the tomato is miniscule. You would have to eat a train load of them for an appreciable result.

If you are a doctor and tired of the old cut-burn-and-poison routine, the pill for every ill approach, consider joining the American College for the Advancement of Medicine (ACAM). The herbal revolution——and the science to prove it——is on its way!

But let’s get back to that frightened money-chasing doctor. He won’t tell you truth——but I will. And the truth today comes in the form of cutting-edge research on three all-natural substances that put all of the drugs he’s selling to shame.

They’re safe...easy to find...and dirt cheap. I call them...

The NEW ‘Big Three’ for heart protection

First up is magnesium. If your heart’s an engine, magnesium is the bat­tery——because this humble mineral literally keeps it beating.

But that’s not all it can do, as a new 15-year study of close to 60,000 people in Japan finds that simple magnesium can cut the risk of death from heart disease in HALF.

Combine this one with the recent study that found every 100 mg increase in mag­nesium intake can cut the risk of stroke by 9 percent, and you’ve got the REAL wonder pill. That does not mean ten magnesium pills a day will protect you from stroke by 90 percent. (And too much of the stuff can cause diarrhea.) Your doctor is qualified in nutritional biochemistry...or he should be...and can help you fig­ure out what's right for you. If you’re not sure yours is, call ACAM and ask for a qualified doctor in your area.

Aspirin, statins, and BP meds only WISH they could match the success rate of magnesium.

Unlike those drugs, which have no natural role in the body, magnesium is re­sponsible for more than 300 functions. This ordinary and underappreciated mineral all by itself can cure muscle pain, stop headaches, erase depression, prevent tooth decay, control diabetes, and even help you to sleep better at night.

And to top it all off, magnesium is virtually risk-free (except for the side ef­fect I mentioned earlier). The only real problem is getting it——because unless you eat more spinach than Popeye, you’re probably not getting enough from diet alone.

Don’t expect to make up for it with a multivitamin, since most only pack a smidge. The only reliable way to get what you need is a magnesium supplement——and you can find a quality brand for pennies a day.

But don’t stop with magnesium, because that’s just one of the Big Three. Another new study points to the other two——two nutrients that do plenty of good on their own, but pack one heck of a wallop when you take them together.

Swedish researchers gave 443 seniors either 200 mg of coenzyme Q10 and 200 mcg of the trace mineral, selenium, or a placebo, then tracked them for up to five years. In that time, 12.6 percent of those on the placebos died of heart problems, versus just 5.9 percent among those who got the supplements.

In other words, the risk of death was cut by more than half

Now, it’s one thing when a study finds an association between a vitamin and a benefit, but can’t explain why it’s there. Sometimes, it’s just a fluke coin­cidence——but that’s not the case here.

First, CoQ10 is a known heart defender by itself. And selenium is known to activate specific proteins in the body——appropriately called selenoproteins——that maximize the effects of the CoQ10.

That’s why taking them together is far better than taking either one on its own.

Second, tests on the patients in the study found that those who took the real supplements had less N-terminal proBNP, also known as NT-proBNP (someone needs to come up with a better abbreviation, don’t you think?).

That’s a marker of tension in the heart wall. And since your heart isn’t a soap opera, you want as little tension there as possible.

And third, another set of tests——echocardiography tests——also confirmed better overall heart function in the patients who got the CoQ10 and selenium.

So magnesium can cut your risk in half, and the dynamic duo of selenium and CoQ10 can cut it in half again. There’s not a drug or two or three on the plan­et that can do all that, my friend——and those aren’t the only nutrients that can slash your heart risk.

Just the new “Big Three” backed by the latest research.

If you REALLY want to add some punch to your heart protection plan, here’s a few more you can add to your shopping list: fish oil, curcumin, folic acid and B vitamins.

Finally, don’t forget testosterone——men and women alike need the “manly” hormone for proper heart function.

You won’t get testosterone from your local pill-slinging statin salesman dressed as a doctor, so visit a naturopathic physician instead. Call the American College for Advancement in Medicine at 1-800-532-3688 to find one in your area, or go online at