Explaining the brain drain… The REAL reason for the decline of American intelligence

Explaining the brain drain...
The REAL reason for the decline of American intelligence

If you think today’s youth are dumber than ever, you’re not just some crotchety old grouch. You’re actually 100 percent correct.

Google “cinnamon challenge” if you want to see just how stupid these kids are, trying to swallow ground cinnamon without water in an ongoing YouTube dare that’s causing hospitalization and permanent lung damage.

But don’t blame the kids for their own idiocy. Don’t even blame reality TV, trashy music, Internet stunts and a third-rate educational system——because kids today never had a fighting chance in the first place.

Not when they’re drinking fluoridated water.

Takes a toll with every sip.

Fluoride is a brain-rotting toxic chemical already known to lower intelli­gence. Now, a new study confirms that kids who drink this government-mandated poison have lower IQs than kids who don’t.

Mention this new study next time you argue with someone about fluoride. Wait for them to dismiss the research as the work of radicals with an agenda. Then, spring like a cobra and tell them who conducted this one and where it was published.

It was a little school they may have heard of called HARVARD UNIVERSITY, and the study was published in Environmental Health Perspectives, a U.S. government journal.

Expect a moment of stunned silence. Fill it with this: The researchers——the HARVARD researchers——concluded that fluoride belongs in the same class as lead, mercury, and other toxic chemicals that no one in his right mind would ever dump into the water.

Your foe won’t have an answer for this (how could he?), so expect him to try to change the subject.

Don’t let him because the study also confirms that fluoride can cross the placenta. In plain talk, that means when mom-to-be drinks fluoridated water, baby gets dosed right along with her.

And that can damage the brain at the most critical point in development. The Harvard team even says that damage may be permanent. Common sense——and a look at what kids are posting on YouTube——tells me that damage IS permanent.

If whoever you’re arguing with still isn’t ready to give in, move in for the kill by asking a simple question that should be easy enough for any fluoride-backer to answer. Ask for a long-term study that proves water fluoridation is safe.

Ask for just one real human study. Expect a whole lot of bluster mixed in with some hems and haws——but don’t expect a study.

It doesn’t exist, because the long-term health effects of water fluoridation on humans have NEVER been studied in the United States.

As a result, the new Harvard analysis relied on data from China, where some communities have naturally high levels of it in the groundwater. When researchers over there noticed that these villages produced more village idiots, they began to study it——and found constant links between high fluoride and low intelligence.

In one study out of China, a village with naturally high levels of fluoride was found to have twice as many of the kids the politically correct would call “learn­ing disabled” than a comparable nearby village with no fluoride in the water.

That fluoride-free village also had three times as many kids who scored “normal,” “bright,” or higher on intelligence tests.

If it was just one study, you might be able to write it off as just one study. But here we are, more than two dozen human and 100 animal studies later, and the results are remarkably consistent: Taking fluoride is like taking stupid pills.

The tooth decay deception that won't die.

Yet we keep dumping it in the water on the basis of anecdotal studies that show fluoride MIGHT help prevent tooth decay, but even that’s a flat-out lie. The decline in cavities began before the masses started drinking toxic chemicals——and is even seen in areas that don’t force everyone to drink fluoridated water.

One massive study in the 1980s compared kids who grew up drinking fluori­dated water to kids who didn’t, looking at 84 different geographical areas to make sure no flukes or coincidences crept into the data.

It found virtually no difference in the rate of cavities and other dental problems.

That’s right...this stuff doesn’t even protect teeth. Not a surprise, since a recent study found that the supposed protective coat that fluoride puts onto teeth is so thin that it’s practically nonexistent.

The damage doesn't stop with dumb.

But it’s one thing to simply not protect. It’s quite another to do harm——and along with making people dumber, other studies have shown that fluoride can do big-time harm, including:

Bone Damage: Both human and animal studies have shown that fluoride can weaken bone and increase the risk of fracture, especially in children and seniors. It can also cause skeletal fluorosis, a painful and debilitating bone condition. There’s even evidence it can increase the risk of a rare bone cancer in boys.

Neurological Damage: An analysis of 18 studies conducted by Mexican re­searchers last year confirmed that fluoride can cross the blood-brain barri­er——and along with the stupidity seen in the studies I just mentioned, this one also found the type of damage seen in Alzheimer’s patients. You don’t have dementia——you’ve been poisoned!

Gastrointestinal Damage: The damage isn’t limited to bone and brain. Fluo­ride can also wreck the gut——especially in people sensitive to the chemi­cal. Your irritable bowels might not be caused by what you eat... it might be caused by plain old tap water.

Thyroid Damage: Fluoride was once used as a drug to suppress thyroid func­tion in patients with hyperthyroidism. According to the Fluoride Action Net­work, many people actually get a HIGHER dose of fluoride from their water to­day than what was used way-back-when as a drug. No wonder thyroid diseases are on the rise like never before.

Fluoride may also cause sexual dysfunction, immune system damage, kidney dis­ease, allergic reactions and more. And let’s not forget that earlier this year the U.S. government even admitted that the levels in water today are way too high, and called on communities to decrease those amounts.

Here’s an idea...decrease fluoride levels to ZERO. And YOU can help make it happen.

First, take action where you live. Across the country, communities are abandon­ing water fluoridation thanks to the grassroots actions of people just like you.

If science won’t convince your local officials (and I don’t expect it will), ask them how much they spend on water fluoridation each year——then ask them what else they could do with that money.

Trust me, they’ll have a list ready before you can even finish the sentence.

Next, take action at home. There’s just one way to make sure no fluoride flows from your faucet, and that’s with a reverse osmosis water filter. These systems are cheaper than ever——you’ll find them in Home Depot and such——and easy to install.

Don’t put it in the kitchen. Put it where the water enters your home and make sure every tap is protected.