The Douglass Report September 2012

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Dementia-beating 'wonder drug' of tomorrow is really...
The brain-saving supplement you
can get RIGHT NOW

If you want to know what Big Pharma is working on next, just thumb through your Douglass Report back issues——because yesterday’s natural cures are tomorrow’s “wonder drugs.”

Lovaza? Fish oil.

Niaspan? Niacin.

The price tag? Astronomical.

And that’s just the beginning, because the drug industry is getting ready to unleash its most blatant cash grab yet: a “drug” made of ordinary B vitamins that can protect the brain from dementia and even reverse the actual visible damage caused by the disease.

That damage often starts with a shrunken head...or at least a shrunken brain, and not inside a jar. It happens inside your skull, and it’s happening right now because all our brains shrink a little as we age. It’s normal, to a point——but since a faster “shrinkage” is often a warning sign of impending (or occurring) dementia, you want to slow it down as much as you can.

Enter B vitamins, the so-called “wonder drug” behind a growing number of dementia studies. In a study conducted by researchers from Oxford University, seniors with mild cognitive impairment given a blend of B vitamins had a 31 percent slower rate of shrinkage than those given a placebo over two years——and the quarter of patients who responded best to the vitamins managed to slow their shrink rate by an average of 53 percent.

The researchers say the B vitamins also lowered levels of the inflammation marker homocysteine, which has been linked to dementia as well as any number of other conditions (including both heart disease and cancer, which is why it’s one of the best markers of overall health).

And, putting two and two together here, those who had the biggest plunges in homocysteine thanks to the B vitamins also enjoyed the biggest slowdowns in brain shrinkage.

The 2010 study in PLoS One was only designed to measure shrinkage, but the researchers couldn’t help but throw a few cognitive tests into the mix——and, sure enough, the patients with the slowest shrink rates also had the highest scores.

Not bad so far...but wait, because this “drug” gets even better.

In a study published last year, the same researchers reported that seniors who got this B blend did 70 percent better on memory tests than those who got the placebos.

Now, beating the placebo group is certainly worth crowing about. But some of these patients did something even more impressive than that. They beat themselves, actually improving on their pre-B test scores. In other words...

They got older——but their brains got better!

Like the other study, this one also measured brain volume——and once again, researchers found that those who got B vitamins had a slower shrinkage rate. In one case, the brain shrinkage slowed by a full 500 percent.

All from simple B vitamins.

Of course, the drug industry wants to make REAL MONEY off this stuff, and you don’t get rich from selling simple vitamins (trust me, I know). So they’re pulling the old line that these aren’t “regular” supplements.  No, they want you to believe these ordinary B vitamins have been magically transformed into a powerful——and potentially dangerous——drug.

Here’s a quote from the British newspaper The Independent’s coverage of the 2010 study: “The researchers said this meant (the vitamins) acted like a pharmaceutical drug rather than a nutritional supplement and would require further safety tests.”

Pharmaceutical drug??? Safety tests??? PUH-leze! This is nothing more than a scare tactic so you don’t go out and get this stuff on your own. Instead, Big Pharma wants you to wait for their patented versions to get approved as “drugs” so they can charge you an arm and a leg to save your brain.

But you don’t have to wait for any of these “drugs” to reach the market and you certainly don’t have to pay through the teeth to get them——because I happen to have the magic formula used in the best and most encouraging studies...including a B blend patented by a Swiss drug maker...behind some of this research.

Get out a pad or a post-it note and copy this down so you can bring it with you to the vitamin store: 800 micrograms of folic acid, 500 micrograms of B12, and 20 milligrams of B6.

The way the researchers are talking, you’d think these are sky-high doses you can’t get without breaking into a research lab, or at least combining dozens of pills. But if anything, you’ll find these doses are actually on the LOW side of what’s inexpensive and widely available——and that in some cases, all three are already available in those doses in a single pill.

What’s more, the levels of all three vitamins are well below the safe “upper limits” set by the very mainstream Institute of Medicine. This is a group that often sets limits and intakes at ridiculously low levels——and yet they don’t even have a recommended upper limit for vitamin B12, which should tell you everything you need to know about how safe this stuff is.

These are also the same levels I’ve encouraged people to take for years in the name of healthy brain support——exactly what’s needed to keep you sharp as a tack no matter how old (or young) you are.

So don’t be afraid to go rogue on this one. If you want to protect your brain, stop waiting for a dementia drug——B vitamins or otherwise——and get the simple, safe and proven supplements for which your brain is begging instead.