The urgent new drug warning EVERYONE needs to see!

The urgent new drug warning
EVERYONE needs to see!

Cholesterol, cholesterol, cholesterol, cholesterol——docs are like a broken record with cholesterol, and they’re all singing the same old song: lower it...or else!

Too bad they’re singing out of key——because not only is cholesterol NOT the villain it’s been made out to be, but the very drugs that are supposed to “save” you from it can actually ruin your life.

You know the drugs I’m talking about. They’re some of the best-selling meds in all history——the statins some of you are almost certainly taking despite my advice over the years.

But if I can’t change your mind, maybe the U.S. government can——because the latest warning from the feds confirms what I’ve said about these drugs all along, including the shocking truth that...

Statins will give you diabetes

Again, that’s not just me talking here. That’s the FDA, which finally admits that the statins they’ve been pushing for years aren’t the bee’s knees after all. Not only can these drugs cause diabetes, but for some women the risk can be as much as 80 percent higher.

You don’t have to be “some women” to get statin-induced diabetes, either, because the increase in risk is up across the board in all age groups——and in men and women alike.

The risk is so great that one leading expert predicted in The New York Times that statin use will lead to 100,000 new cases of diabetes.

Think that’s bad? That’s just the beginning——because the feds have also confirmed some of the other warnings I’ve issued over the years, admitting that statins can increase your risk of high blood sugar, memory loss and confusion.

And if that’s not enough bad news for one day, a new study finds that low cholesterol——such as the picture-perfect targets you’re supposed to meet——can CAUSE cancer, even without statins.

Believe it or not, that’s not even close to a full list of the risks——because as I’ve told you before, statins, can cause serious and even debilitating muscle pain, liver problems, kidney failure, nerve damage, sexual dysfunction, vision problems, and more.

For all that risk, you’d think statins would be aces at preventing heart problems. In reality, they’re anything but——because when it comes to these meds...

You’ve been sold a bill of goods

The numbers on statins are all over the place, and many of the studies used to push them are riddled with conflicts.

One badly conflicted study——the JUPITER trial that’s being used right now as an excuse to give statins even to people with normal cholesterol levels——found that 1.7 percent of placebo patients suffered a heart attack or stroke versus 0.9 percent of those on the drug.

That’s an absolute decrease of just 0.8 percent——or a number so small you’d have to drug 120 people every day for nearly TWO YEARS to prevent a single heart attack or stroke.

Now, remember that diabetes risk I just mentioned? In that same trial, 2.4 percent of those on the placebo developed diabetes, versus 3 percent of those on the drug——an absolute increase of 0.6 percent.

One analyst said that translates into three-quarters of a case of diabetes for every single heart attack or stroke prevented——or roughly 75 new diabetes cases for every 100 cardiac events prevented.

That’s like a cop who shoots 75 bystanders for every 100 crooks he busts!

And let me be perfectly candid here: If you had your pick between a heart attack and diabetes, take your chances with the heart attack.

You can survive a heart attack. Heck, for many people it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to them——because it’s the wake-up call that FINALLY convinces them to make the changes they should’ve made years earlier.

It’s ironic, but when you look at it that way heart attacks can actually save lives. Diabetes, on the other hand, can be a lifelong sentence that’ll ultimately end it.

But only a crazy person would choose one over the other when your third option is “NONE OF THE ABOVE,” because all this talk about cholesterol is missing the point anyway. High cholesterol isn’t a problem, but...

Low cholesterol can be positively deadly

To be candid, I don’t know what’s worse: The side effects of statins, or the health risks of the low cholesterol they cause. In many cases, they’re one in the same.

The fact is, your body needs cholesterol——both LDL and HDL——the way your car needs oil. In fact, it’s used by virtually every cell in the body, especially in the heart.

That’s why LOW levels can actually cause the very heart attacks they’re supposed to prevent.

It won’t just keep your heart ticking. Cholesterol also keeps the lights on upstairs, which is why people with low levels end up fighting everything from garden-variety brain farts to serious memory problems, just as the FDA is now warning.

It’s no coincidence that the number of Alzheimer’s cases has skyrocketed since the mainstream has made lowering everyone’s cholesterol a top priority.

So forget everything you’ve been told about this stuff (and if you’re already on the meds, those memory problems ensure that you probably have). Here’s...

Everything you need to know about cholesterol in one sentence

Ready for it? This is all you have to remember:

Keep your TOTAL CHOLESTEROL between 200 and 300, via a diet low in carbs and rich in animal fats.

There’s no catch here. There’s no gimmick or hidden clause. That’s literally everything you need to know. If it goes below 200, grill up some steak and break open the eggs, because you’re in heart attack territory.

And if it rises above 300, you still don’t need a drug to lower it. What you really need is a good doctor who can figure out what caused that increase, and then correct it the right way. An elevated cholesterol can be a sign of disease, just like an elevated temperature. But the elevation is not a disease per se; it’s a sign only and may (or may not) be significant.

I used to tell people to leave any doctor who is obsessive over cholesterol levels and find one who’s more enlightened. These days, I’m afraid that might leave you without a doctor at all——so all I can say is, do the best you can or call ACAM for a doctor who thinks the way we do.

And if you find the rare soul who doesn’t get worked up over LDL levels, you’ve found a keeper for sure.