My advice? Bottoms up to fight everything from diabetes to cancer

My advice? Bottoms up to fight
everything from diabetes to cancer

Go ahead, have a beer! What better way to toast the many benefits of alcohol?

Researchers from UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine found that people who drink in moderation are less likely to suffer from the kinds of physical disabilities that can limit your independence later in life...25 percent less likely, in fact.

One of the study co-authors explained that daily consumption of at least one drink helps unleash alcohol’s preventative benefits.

In another study, researchers from the Medical University of South Carolina found that having one or two drinks per day lowered the risk of cardiovascular disease by 38 percent. And if wine is your drink of choice, you’ll receive even more benefits. According to this study, the wine drinkers experienced a 70-percent decrease in cardiovascular events.

I’ve told you about lots of studies that proved the health plusses of tipping a daily glass or two——benefits like an increased resistance to heart disease and certain cancers. There was even a study that concluded that a daily alcoholic drink may stave off age-related mental decline in women 70 and older.

Drive off dementia with this breakfast drink

This is the kind of research that must drive the health Nazis in this country up the wall. But the fact is, the evidence of all of these studies can’t be ignored. Alcohol can be good for you. Just like coffee, another much-maligned beverage. But according to research, coffee can slash your risk of Alzheimer’s by two-thirds.

The study, published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, found that drinking three to five cups of coffee could reduce your risk of developing Alzheimer’s or dementia by as much as 65 percent!

And another study published in the journal Stroke found that women who drank four or more cups of coffee a day were 20-percent less likely to suffer from a stroke than women who drank less than one cup per month. You’d think that would be great news, but the study’s senior author, Rob van Dam, just couldn’t bring himself to fully break with the mainstream’s hatred of coffee.

He said, “The results are reassuring in that coffee consumption does not seem harmful for stroke risk.” No kidding...because it actually reduces the risk!

Fill UP your your diabetes risk go DOWN

Coffee is jammed full of antioxidants, it slices the risk of liver cancer in half, and it cuts down on the risk of type II diabetes by as much as 50 percent. All this, and it still does a tidy job of perking you up, focusing your mind, and relieving stress. That’s one busy cup of liquid!

For all you true coffee drinkers out there who are wondering...we’re talking about regular coffee here, not decaffeinated. The good stuff. The high-octane java. This study specifically pointed out that it’s good, ol’ caffeinated coffee that’s yielding these results.

And of course, be sure to drink it black.

p.s. Oh, and one more thing gals. Beer is not just for the guys. In fact, it turns out that women who enjoy regular suds are not only more fun they’re healthier to boot!

According to at least one study, beer might be able to help build your bones and it may even help stave off osteoporosis. (’s likely the silicon content in beer that I’ve been reporting on for years, that makes it so bone friendly. But according to researchers you get the most silicon bang for your buck if you order up an India pale ale... often called an IPA.)

And ladies if you’re worried about that dreaded beer gut don’t bother. Spanish researchers say that not only were the drinkers of the golden brews that they tested less likely to suffer from diabetes and heart disease they also had lower levels of body fat, were less likely to gain weight, and some even lost weight during the study!

The key appears to be what the beer drinkers tended to naturally pair their brews with, which, in this case was the kind of low carb and low sugar diet that I’ve been preaching to you for years.

So next time someone tries to tell you it’s unladylike to toss back a beer, pour yourself another tall one and tell ‘em they’ve got a lot to learn. And if you’d like to learn more about the good things beer...and coffee...can do for you why not take a spin around my archives at You’ll find lots more food for thought to ponder over a hot mug or a cold brew.