The Douglass Report April 2012

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Who’s steering your daily wheel...
You, or your bladder?
Just say (hell) no to “drop everything” urgency!

If you’ve found yourself worrying that you don’t have the bladder of steel you did in your younger days... If you’ve found yourself "going" more often (and at the worst possible times)... And if you’ve looked for a way to help keep your bladder healthy and strong and come up empty... Then I have good news for you. Actually, I have GREAT news.

Because all my life, I’ve prided myself in my ability to pinpoint a problem and find a resolution——and that hasn’t changed just because I’m a little older than I used to be. In fact, it’s all those years of experience that have allowed me to bring to you what I think is the next great product that could help keep you firmly at the wheel of your health and your independence. (The two do go hand in hand, right?)

And even though it’s not flashy to talk about bladder control and fighting the urge to “go”——it’s even less flashy to actually be dealing with those issues.

So when I looked around and saw a big gaping hole in the options to help main-tain your bladder health, I knew I had to find something to fill that gap myself.

I found what I think is the perfect formula created by a woman “Down Under” in Australia——and I’m excited to be one of the first to make this brand-new product available to you in the U.S.

Don’t let your bladder control your life

When you were younger, feeling “the urge” meant rushing home to your wife after a long day at work. Now, instead of rushing home to your wife, you’re making the dash for a much less exciting reason. A reason, in fact, that you probably don’t want to admit to yourself, much less to anyone else (especially your wife). 

But it’s not something you can hide for long. Because sooner or later, the urge to “go” can take over your life.

You know the telltale signs... the frequent urination (both day and night), the sudden urge to urinate, and those occasional embarrassing leaks. But if this sounds familiar to you, then you know that these are just the tip of the iceberg.

Just under the surface lies a whole host of other fear factors: The fear of being gone from your house for too long. The embarrassment of having to excuse yourself to go to the bathroom again. The worry you’ll get stuck in traffic. The panic you feel that this could be the time you might not make it.

If you’ve gone to your doctor and he’s ruled out the potentially more serious causes of bladder issues, he’ll likely send you home with a to-do list that’s more of a pain-in-the-rear end than anything else: Stop drinking coffee, tea, or alcohol...stop drinking a few hours before bedtime...start scheduling your bathroom breaks...blah blah blah. Here’s an idea: Why not just stop drinking or eating altogether! The idea is absurd——and so are these other suggestions.

Sure, they could work, but who wants to live like that? These are supposed to be your golden years!

The good news is, you can take the steps now to keep your bladder healthy. No matter what you’ve heard, a bladder that’s constantly “on the go” is not inevitable, it’s not the ultimate sign of weak old age, and it’s not the end of life as you know it.

But I’ll tell you what it could be. In many cases, it’s a sign of muscle weakness. Your bladder is a muscle, and just like the rest of them, it can start to weaken as you get older. The key to calming that urge to go is strengthening your muscle. Since I couldn’t find anything in the U.S. that could do that, I literally searched to the far corners of the earth until I found a formula good enough to meet the standards I set for all my products. I’m excited to introduce this top-notch product to you for the first time today.  

Just say (hell) no to “drop everything” urgency

Researchers estimate that one in six Americans have issues with their bladder, but I say that’s a conservative estimate. Most men don’t admit this problem to themselves, but even if they do come out with it, it’s often blamed on your prostate and not recognized as a bladder problem.

Fact is, any number of factors can contribute to that urge to go. And if a weak bladder muscle really is at the root of your problems, then I’ll tell you what I’ve told all my patients: It probably needs nourishment to keep it healthy.

Even if you always make it to the toilet in time...even if you never have one “oops” moment...even if you’ve never had to wear those humiliating adult diapers...who wants to live a life dictated by that sudden “drop everything” urgency?

Do I even need to answer that question? NO ONE DOES!

It’s restrictive, it’s frustrating, it’s embarrassing, and it’s life-altering. But it doesn’t have to be this way. I have just what you need to help you...

Take charge of your bladder TODAY

I know you want to get through the day without the worry, fear, frustration, or always needing to know where the nearest restroom is. And you could be well on your way to doing that with the latest in my arsenal of life-enhancing supplements.

It’s a patent-pending blend that has undergone 15 years of product development, and whose individual ingredients have been traditionally used for literally thousands of years to support bladder health. This formula contains three ingredients——and only three ingredients——because they’re all I think you need to stay in control of your bladder. That’s why I’m calling my new, breakthrough formula InControl 24.

Let’s face it——you don’t want anything controlling your life——not even the gimmicky solutions that are supposed to help you. Take scheduled voiding, for example. It’s just what it sounds like: You start off close together (say, every two hours), and you go whether you have to or not. Over the next weeks to months, you increase the time between visits, scheduling, monitoring, and yes, even keeping a Bladder Diary.

Ultimately, the goal is to improve your bladder control. But even if it works, do you really want to eat, sleep, and breathe by a scheduled voiding time? Talk about a void in your life!

So yes, you could try scheduled voiding times, journaling about your bathroom blues——or even complicated “bladder urge control procedures” such as Kegels. But wouldn’t you rather try popping a pill first instead? Because when it comes right down to it, all these efforts could be for nothing if you’re not giving your bladder some extra support. 

The ingredients in InControl 24 have been designed to help:

1.  Improve bladder tone and function

2.  Support normal, healthy bladder control

3.  Decrease feelings of urgency and frequency

4.  Keep your mind at ease

5.  Get a restful night’s sleep

Best of all, my formula could help improve the quality of your life.

And it’s no wonder. The three powerhouse ingredients included in my product are Lindera extract, which has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to promote bladder health; horsetail extract, which has been used traditionally to help support a healthy urinary tract by acting as a mild diuretic; and Crateva nurvala extract, which has been used in the Ayurvedic tradition as the most important herb to support urinary tract health. This special formula is called Urox, and it’s all I put in InControl 24.

Individually, these ingredients have been shown to have extensive benefits. Together, they could be exactly what you need to help support your bladder. 

The manufacturers of this bladder blend conducted an introductory unpublished pilot study that gives us just a glimpse of what this formula could be capable of. The study included eight volunteers who had self-reported bladder issues. After the participants took 2 capsules of Urox a day for a month, they reported improvements in frequency of urination, nighttime bathroom trips, feelings of urgency, and occasional leaks.

It’s true that this was a small trial and more data is needed, but a larger trial is in the works as we speak, and the next step after that is a placebo-controlled study. You can be sure I’ll fill you in on all the details as soon as they hit my desk.

In the meantime, if you’re ready to stop searching for the nearest bathroom and keep your mind at ease, you can be one of the very first people to give my breakthrough new product a try.

Because what it comes down to is this: No matter how old you get, I know you want to stay in control of what kind of trips you take... in control of what you drink——and when you drink it... in control of getting a restful night’s sleep... in control of waiting until the next commercial break... in control of uninterrupted sex...

And InControl 24 could help you do just that.

I suggest taking 2 capsules twice daily for the first month, and then dropping back to the regular dose (1 capsule twice a day) after a month.

I’m so sure that you won’t believe the difference that I’m offering it to you completely risk-free——just like all my products. If you’re not completely happy with it, I’ll give you all of your money back, no questions asked.

Be one of the first 500 customers to order this revolutionary new product, and you’ll receive a 20% discount. Initial supplies are limited, and I’m sure as heck they’ll move out pretty quickly. No one talks about this annoying problem... but there are millions out there suffering with it and looking for a solution, just like you.

Call 1-800-913-2602 or go online to and use order code G655N401.