Your food freedom rights are under attack

Your food freedom rights are under attack

It all comes down to this: If you don’t have the freedom to choose what to eat, you don’t have freedom at all. That might sound alarmist——and it IS. You should be alarmed.

Hardly a week goes by without an attack on a small business that’s dedicated to raising, growing, and distributing healthy, wholesome food to its local community——food that is free of the contamination, bacteria, and disease that is overflowing in the factory farm industry. Their only crime is in standing as a little David against the corporate Goliath giant of the factory farm industries.

And if you don’t believe me, just ask any of the organizations that have been raided...any of the upstanding members of society who have been arrested...any of the people who have been assaulted by police SWAT teams——not for selling drugs or other illegal substances...but for daring to sell fresh, local foods like produce, grassfed beef, and raw milk!

In January, I told you about the FDA’s attempt to limit your access to the dietary supplements you’ve come to rely on. (Still waiting on the final word on the ruling.) This month, I’m sharing the story of Laura and Monte Bledsoe, and the strong-armed attack on their small farm operation by the health department.

Health department raids small farm

The Bledsoe’s own Quail Hollow Farm is one of many Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farms around the nation. The idea is that you pay the farmer for a share of the harvest, and then you get to pick up fresh, local, in-season produce weekly. You’re supporting your local farmer, while partaking in some of the healthiest food you can consume.

Of course, not all small farm operations are healthy——and you should never jump into any kind of CSA program without doing a little investigating of your own. But assuming you’ve done your due diligence and that you’re sharing in a reputable farm, this is the next best thing to having your own row to hoe.

Sounds simple enough, right? To you and me, yes. But to the “big britches bureaucrats,” it’s a big-time threat.

Americans are finally waking up to the slow death they’re facing from their diet——not just from junk food, but from a diet of fresh foods (produce, meat, dairy, etc.) that have been processed beyond all recognition of their original state. It’s about time, too. Growth hormones, antibiotics, grain-fed cows, poultry raised to stand in and eat its own feces... these and other standard operating procedures have turned factory farms into dens of filth and disease. And then you get to partake in the products each night at dinner. Bon appetit!

Atrocities like these are exactly why farms like the Bledsoe’s are gaining in popularity. But this increased popularity has also brought with it increased scrutiny from authorities who are dead-set against allowing these independent operations to survive.

And that’s why the “farm-to-fork” dinner served at the Bledsoe farm turned from a dinner designed to give consumers the experience of dining where the food was raised, into to a farm-to-fork fiasco.

Food not fit for a pig!

Before the food had been served, a Southern Nevada Health District employee descended on the dinner and demanded that all of the food——which had been grown on the Bledsoe farm or other local farms nearby and which had been prepared in a certified kitchen——be destroyed immediately. Why? Because there were no receipts for it, and because the food was not USDA certified.

So let me get this straight... In order for a small farmer to be able to pick his own food and serve it to his neighbors, he needs to get the government’s OK?

Is it because USDA-certified foods are healthier than non-certified foods? That can’t be it.

Is it because USDA-certified foods are safer than non-certified foods? Well, that’s not it either.

Despite this, the health district employee demanded that any food without labels be destroyed (doesn’t that defeat the purpose of home-grown? Besides, the code actually allows for non-labeled foods to be consumed within 72 hours). She declared that any vegetables prepared in advance (i.e., cut) became a “bio-hazard.” (If that’s a biohazard, then she definitely shouldn’t step foot in a McDonald’s!) And she demanded that any food without receipts be destroyed as well. (Am I missing something here? The food was from local farms!)

But in a classic show of dramatics and theatrics, this tyrant of a woman wasn’t satisfied when the Bledsoe’s threw the food in the garbage. She ordered that the food be doused with bleach, and forbade them from even feeding it to their pigs!

Of course, this story is just one of many. Safe, natural foods are under attack every single day. For an individual to be held to the same regulatory standards as a restaurant or a grocery store is cost prohibitive to the point of running him out of business——and naturally, that’s what it’s all about.


Make no mistake about it. The government is leading an organized effort to eliminate private food organizations whose only crime is providing a safe, nutrient-dense alternative to what passes for meat and produce in your local supermarket.

This is far from over. Next month, I’m sure it’ll be some other atrocity afflicting farms, co-ops, and consumers like you who know the difference between a McRib and a juicy cut of grassfed tenderloin steak (served rare). Well, I'm not going down without a fight. I can promise you I'll be eating my own grassfed beef——from whatever source I choose——until they have to pry it from my cold, dead hands. (Even then, I hate to see a good steak go to waste...)

p.s. I can’t resist weighing in on the Paula Deen/diabetes debacle that’s all over the news right now. Now that the Queen of Southern Cuisine has been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, the world is ready to launch an all-out assault on her fat-heavy recipes.

Puh-lease. Deen might be doing a lot of things wrong, but if there’s one thing she’s doing right, it’s cooking with saturated fat! Not only will this dietary outcast NOT give you diabetes and heart disease… it can actually protect you from it!

But if you’re serious about kicking your diabetes——or even just making sure you don’t get it in the first place——then you need to ditch the sugar and the carbs. And instead of skipping the saturated fat, make sure you get a healthy Daily Dose of it instead. Not only will it help PROTECT you from heart disease, it’ll reduce your risk of prostate cancer, relieve joint pain, improve gut health, boost your immune system, and much, much more.

Want proof? Skim through my archives, re-read old issues this newsletter, and see for yourself ( You’ll discover that the sweetest thing you can eat is a guilt-free steak, bacon, and eggs——and don’t forget the butter!