The scientific breakthrough that reignites your passion and stimulates your sex drive to rousing heights

The scientific breakthrough that reignites your
passion and stimulates your sex drive to rousing heights

Let's not kick this year off with all doom and gloom. You gotta have fun too——and what better way than with a healthy sex life. I was tickled when my friends at our affiliated newsletter from the Health Sciences Institute recently wrote a great piece about my Ultimate Vigor formula. After some wrangling, they agreed to let me pass it along to you.

Here's their write-up, along with a 15% savings opportunity...

If you’re a man over 50, you’ve probably noticed that sex isn’t what it used to be. From desire to performance, everything seems to be just less... and less often. It’s a number one complaint older men face, many times due to declining levels of testosterone.

And research shows that the breakthough superstar in this supercharged sex secret, when combined with exercise, increases levels of free testosterone... and all the wonderful “side effects” that come with it.

Testofen turns up the heat on every aspect of great sex

When it comes to great sex, there are four areas that scientists can evaluate:

?     sexual cognition (how much you fantasize and think about sex)

?     sexual arousal (including recovery time)

?     sexual behavior (performance quality)

?     orgasm (no explanation necessary!)

And to make a sex-enhancing supplement worth taking, it needs to provide a boost to all four. Which is just what happened when the makers of Testofen studied just how well the extract performed.

Fifty-four men (average age of 41, all involved in stable relationships) joined the six-week Testofen challenge, but only half of them got the real extract (combined with zinc, magnesium, and vitamin B6), while the other half were stuck taking placebo.

Over that six-week period, the men filled out a questionnaire called the DISF-SR, designed to measure the quality of sex, in all four aspects. A higher score means higher sexual satisfaction. And the men in the Testofen group saw their scores grow and grow.

At the halfway mark, after just three weeks, the Testofen group reported an increase, while the placebo group’s score went nowhere. And by the end of six weeks, the lucky men in the Testofen group reported an even greater increase... while the men stuck in the placebo group actually saw their scores go down.

Every measure on the questionnaire——interest, arousal, performance, recovery time——all improved for the men in the Testofen group.

Testofen brings on an increase in free testosterone?in this exciting clinical trial

It all starts with the source of your man power: testosterone. And the creators of Testofen wanted to see just how powerful their extract’s impact on testosterone levels could be.

They put it to the toughest test, a randomized, placebo-controlled study, which included fifty-five young men.On day one, the researchers took blood from all the men to measure their baseline testosterone levels.

The men were separated into two groups, one getting 600 mg of Testofen daily, and the other getting placebo. For eight weeks, the men took their daily dose (either placebo or Testofen) and followed a specific exercise regimen.

At the end of eight weeks, the researchers took new blood draws...and saw stunning results.

Even though all of the men had performed the exact same exercise routine, the group taking Testofen experienced a significant increase in their free testosterone levels.

Testofen——the ultimate aphrodisiac

These two studies came after a very promising animal study, a study that compelled the creators of Testofen to continue their work with ram’s horn.

The researchers split their male rats into several groups: three different doses of Testofen, and placebo.

In the test group getting the highest dose, Testofen acted like the ultimate aphrodisiac... 

?     Their mounting frequency was more than double in the two higher dosage groups when compared to the placebo

?     The duration of sex lengthened

?     The time between sex quickened

?     The time between ejaculations decreased

?     Testosterone levels skyrocketed!

Now, the best results were seen in the group getting the highest Testofen dose, but all three Testofen groups performed better than the placebo group.

Once it’s reached full potency, this ancient Asian secret may bring?on
stronger erections and greater satisfaction

What could make Ultimate Vigor even more stimulating? An ancient Asian sex secret, one that takes supreme patience to achieve monumental results.

To reach full potency, this Korean libido-booster takes six years to mature——only then is it ready to harvest. And it’s worth every second of the wait. Because only then can it be turned into a unique extract of panax ginseng that delivers more of the very substance that gives the herb sex superstar status, ginsenosides.

Panax ginseng has shown awe-inspiring results in clinical trials. Like this study involving 90 subjects, where researchers found that 1800 mg per day brought on some very noticeable changes:

?     Significantly more rigidity during erections

?     Improved erections

?     Increased libido

?     And greater satisfaction for the men and their wives

The energy you need to keep going all night

To go all night long——and into the morning——you need energy, serious energy. And you’d be hard pressed to find a better source than B vitamins.

Now these are not stimulants, so you won’t be stuck staring at the ceiling all night despite your stellar sex. Rather, they’re natural boosters, providing every cell in your body with what they need to create the energy you need to keep going.

Ultimate Vigor contains a 115mg combination of four essential B vitamins, each more important than the next when it comes to powering you up.

?     B1 (a.k.a. thiamine) helps your body turn food into pure energy.

?     B2 (riboflavin) is critical to energy production and more——you can’t produce glutathione (a key anti-aging compound) without it.

?     B3 (niacin) activates energy-producing reactions, and creates about 200 coenzymes that are critical to so many biochemical processes in your body (and chemistry is a big part of great sex!).

?     Finally, B5 (pantothenic acid) plays such an important part in energy production that it may actually improve stamina (as studied in doses much higher than the that in Ultimate Vigor).

With this foursome of pure force, you’ll be ready to go...and to keep going.

Stimulate the most satisfying sex with Ultimate Vigor

With Ultimate Vigor, you could be enjoying explosive sex right now (and later, and tomorrow, and again tomorrow). Its cutting edge scientific breakthrough ingredient, Testofen, could have you feeling sexier, full of desire, and back in command before you know it.

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