Grandma’s joint cure goes mainstream

Grandma’s joint cure goes mainstream

I just love it when an “old wives’ tale” turns into documented science——especially when the result means providing cost-effective pain relief to millions of people suffering from a debilitating, painful disease: osteoarthritis.

OA occurs when the cartilage at the ends of your bones wears away, and your bones become thicker, leading to the stiff, painful joints that are the hallmark of the disease. It’s caused by an inflammatory response in the body——which is why NSAIDs are the go-to bottle for OA sufferers looking for a little pain relief.

Of course, you and I both know the problem with that: Those NSAIDs only provide temporary pain relief, they come loaded with side effects——and they offer no hope for a cure.

But there’s better inflammation-fighter that has joint-relief properties of its own.

A recent study published in Osteoarthritis and Cartilage found that early signs of the condition——such as the destruction of the collagen in the cartilage and the breakdown of the shock-absorbing molecules in the joints——can be virtually eliminated with one simple remedy. In fact, the study found that...

Grandma’s joint cure can prevent, slow down——and even reverse——stubborn joint pain

And it’s something I’ve been telling you about for years: omega-3s.

When researchers at the University of Bristol fed an omega-3-rich diet to guinea pigs, it reduced their disease by 50 percent.

“There was strong evidence that omega-3 influences the biochemistry of the disease, and therefore not only helps prevent disease, but also slows its progression, potentially controlling established osteoarthritis,” said the study’s lead researcher Dr. John Tarlton.

Although this is one step short of testing it in humans, Dr. Tarlton pointed out that guinea pigs are the next best thing since their cases of OA are spontaneous and naturally occurring.

Whether you fall into “treatment” or “prevention” category, you can (and should) be taking at least 2g of omega-3s every day. I have been taking four capsules of cod liver oil all of my life.