The REAL secrets to a long life

The REAL secrets to a long life

Join a gym... eat your veggies... see a therapist... take your meds... The mainstream is just FULL of naggy advice on how to live longer. And isn’t it convenient how most of these tips end in a sales pitch?

But you don’t have to waste your time OR your money on any of that nonsense. None of it will extend your life. But a recent study that’s been 90 years in the making has uncovered the REAL secrets to healthy aging.

And if you’ve been a reader of mine for any length of time, you already got the inside scoop on these secrets.

Heck, a summary of all 272 pages of “The Longevity Project” reads like a summary of my Douglass Report archives:

•     Exercise won’t help you to live longer

•     You don’t have to eat your vegetables

•     Stress and worry can be good for you

•     Being too optimistic can kill you

Best of all, it’s backed by some rock-solid data. The study tracked 1,528 Californians for almost their entire lives, starting in 1921. It went on for so long that the researcher who started it, Lewis Terman, died more than half a century ago!

Fortunately, generations of researchers have continued the project. And the latest team has concluded that...

“Many common health recommendations are ill-advised or simply wrong”

They say steady daily movement like gardening, walking your dog, and even visiting museums is more likely to lead to a longer life than an endless series of exercise failures.

The researchers also found that people who worry and suffer some stress——the creative stress that keeps you focused and driven——live longer than the carefree types we’re supposed to envy.

Even marriage doesn’t matter as much as most people assume. Married men in the study lived longer than single men and divorcees... but divorced women lived nearly as long as married ones.

Men, you might not like hearing this——but it looks like you need her more than she needs you! I’d tell you not to worry about it... but maybe you should. After all, a little worry is a good thing.