Breakfast of champions: The right morning meal can improve your memory, lift your mood, and boost your concentration

Breakfast of champions:
The right morning meal can improve your memory,
lift your mood, and boost your concentration

If you’re anything like me, a good, hardy breakfast can put you in a good mood for the rest of the day. But it’s not just because of the satisfying sounds of bacon frying, or the feeling of a full stomach (although those things do put a smile on my face).

For starters, did you know that 20 percent of your daily calories goes to your brain? It’s no wonder so many people suffer from memory loss, poor concentration, sudden mood swings, and stupidity… their brains are literally starving.

With the right breakfast, though, you can feed your brain enough nutrients to last all day long.

2 eggs, over easy, and hold the toast

If you want that feel-good feeling, go for the dope… dopamine, that is. It’s a good mood neurotransmitter that gives you enthusiasm, drive, and pleasure. In order for your body to make plenty of this neurotransmitter, though, you need to fuel it with its precursor, phenylalanine.

Plenty of people turn to sugar for this high, since it causes your dopamine levels to skyrocket. But the problem is, that initial spike is followed by an equally dramatic drop that has the opposite effect——and leaves you craving more sugar to boot. It’s a vicious cycle.

But if you want to feel good all day long——without the rollercoaster ride——you need to stick to foods that cause your dopamine levels to rise slowly, and protein-rich foods like eggs, bacon, and sausage are just the ticket.

Meat and eggs are also loaded with tryptophan, something your brain needs in order to produce serotonin, which helps keep you calm and fight anxiety. In fact, a hardy breakfast can give you all the anxiety-battling serotonin you need for the entire day.

(Other things that boost dopamine include alcohol and chocolate, but since we’re talking about breakfast foods, we’ll save that topic for a later conversation.)

The tastiest memory enhancer you’ll ever eat

Eggs can also help your memory because they contain a chemical called choline, which helps your body produce acetylcholine. This is basically a messenger in your brain that excites your brain cells.

Excited brain cells=new connections in your brain=a better memory. It’s that simple.

If you choose to wash down those bacon and eggs with coffee, you’ll be helping to keep yourself focused and alert. You probably already knew that coffee had this effect, but here’s what you might not have known about this tasty brew… There’s an art to proper coffee drinking.

Do it wrong, and your body will let you know. Instead of keeping you alert, you’ll become anxious and confused. The caffeine overload has caused your body to produce the hormone adrenalin, which tells your body it’s in a state of emergency.

Stick to a single espresso, and you’ll be fine.

And if you decide to work on a crossword puzzle as you sip on your coffee, you’ll be even further ahead of the memory game. Studies suggest that seniors who do a puzzle a day have better memories and are less likely to develop dementia.

I can’t think of a better way to start my day.