The Douglass Report April 2009

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Dear Friend,

I’ve been telling you for years that the vegetarian movement in America is about way more than food. These tree huggers are out to control your mind. They want you worshiping at the temple of mother earth, subsisting on organic carrots and tofu until you’re as miserable and unhealthy as they are.

It’s a cult, pure and simple. And, like many cults, it’s leading its members straight to their untimely deaths, all while brainwashing them into thinking they’re doing something glorious. Think I’m kidding? Studies have shown that these happy-go-lucky vegetarians are suffering from nutritional deficiencies that can result in intestinal disorders, blindness, heart disease, and everything in between.

And if there’s one vegetarian diet/cult that’s leading its members straight to a pine box, it’s the macrobiotics movement. This mind-control program masquerading as an eating plan first gained prominence 40 years ago, and seems to be making a comeback. But it was junk then and it’s junk now. In fact, next time some veg-head sells you on the health benefits of macrobiotic eating, ask him...

Isn’t that the same diet they used to starve POWs?

You bet it was. Back in the 60s, a Japanese man named George Ohsawa developed the macrobiotics diet. He believed that simplicity was the key to optimum health——and his diet was simple, I’ll give him that. It consisted of brown rice and water! That’ll help you lose weight, all right——they’ll be fitting you for a burial suit in no time.

If you’ll recall, brown rice and water were what the North Vietnamese fed our prisoners of war at the “Hanoi Hilton,” and I don’t remember too many of our GIs raving about the menu.

Ohsawa’s diet wasn’t going to get too many takers, so Michio Kushi expanded it, changed it up some, and made it popular in America. It’s become the new-agey, zen diet of the “ultra spiritual” people. They call it a way of life, as they seek to live in harmony with nature. Now, in addition to brown rice and water, macrobiotics followers can eat locally grown vegetables and grains. It’s just another vegetarian diet——the same old flim flam with some spiritual and planetary seasonings thrown in.

But what bothers the heck out of me is that these macrobiotic gurus are using the whole spiritual element to convince their followers that they’re doing something good——and, meanwhile, these people are literally killing themselves!

It’s a cult that would have made Jim Jones proud!

Let me show you what I mean. The diet is low in fat, high in fiber, and rich in phytoestrogens——a recipe for health disaster if I ever heard one. Plenty of nutritionists acknowledge that this restrictive diet leaves you short on important nutrients like protein, vitamin B12, iron, magnesium, and calcium——all of which you need to sustain life.

This diet is so incredibly restrictive that I don’t know how anyone could follow it for any length of time. Sixty percent of the diet is made of whole grains...but you can’t eat bread, pasta, or other flour products. Twenty-five percent of the diet is made of vegetables...but you can’t eat potatoes, tomatoes, or eggplants. You can eat fruit...but only if it’s locally grown.

A full 10 percent of the diet should include beans or “bean product,” like tofu or tempeh. The only reason to eat beans is because you’re too poor to buy quality food, such as pork, beef, lamb, or chicken.

And don’t even get me started on the non-food they call tofu. It’s toxic and not fit for consumption by humans or animals. It’s even been linked to psychiatric problems and mental impairment——almost like a cultish mind control drug, you might say.

As for phytoestrogens like soy, these estrogenic (female) compounds are deadly to both boys and girls. Soy foods feminize young boys, and they cause early maturity in girls resulting in a precocious sex drive. This is a social disaster with the girls panting after the boys who are just not interested in sex.

The macrobiotics cult is creating a nation of eunuchs!

And if it’s not enough that the parameters of the macrobiotics diet could make you look like a concentration camp refugee, the diet has a number of strict lifestyle regimens as well——such as chewing each mouthful of food at least 50 times...while eating in a relaxed environment...while expressing gratitude...while wearing cotton...with the windows open. Huh? It’s not going to be long before these folks are sitting around in purple robes waiting for the mother ship.

The macrobiotics diet is thought-control quackery at its very best. And it gains followers because groups like the American Medical Association and the American Heart Association have made us terrified to eat real foods. Well, you can throw their health advice right in the trash where it belongs. Instead, let me show you how to...

Outlive the vegans with this simple, three-step diet

While the macrobiotic vegetarians of the world are killing themselves——all while chanting kumbaya——you could be losing weight and enjoying your best health ever. It’s as simple as following these three steps:

1. Give your body the fat it craves

People will tell you that cutting fat out of your diet will cut it from your thighs. Newsflash! Fat does not make you fat! And for heaven’s sake, STOP COUNTING CALORIES! Calories don’t count. Animal fat has nine calorie per gram, and starch and protein have only 4.5 grams per gram, yet it’s starch and sugar that make you fat. Eating a diet high in animal fat and high animal protein——beef, chicken, lamb, and pork fat——will improve your health and allow you to have a normal weight.

When my father practiced medicine in Georgia 85 years ago——when people cooked with lard and ate meat at every meal——he rarely saw heart attacks. And it’s no wonder. A University of Georgia study by Dr. W.O. Caster proved that the more meat fatty acid (stearate) you eat, the lower your blood cholesterol. He found that meat fat also lowers blood pressure. This is exactly the opposite of what you’ve been told.

Now, the traditional fats, like dairy and lard, have been replaced by canola and the other vegetable oils. These oils are “hydrogenated” into a solid state called margarine. This hydrogen bombardment turns the liquid oil into an unnatural product that causes cancer and arteriosclerosis, in experimental animals at least. So why are we going to such lengths to eat this fake-food margarine, when...

Our bodies are crying out for natural butter!

Butyric acid, or butyrate, is an edible fatty acid that makes up 4 percent of butter. Our bodies absolutely crave much so that it only lasts minutes in our bloodstreams before our cells use it. Because butyrate is detrimental to the abnormal physiology of cancer cells, you can use it to fight cancer——although you’d need it at much higher doses than what you’d normally consume in butter.

The nutritional superiority of butter over margarine has been proven beyond a doubt, and with absolutely no evidence that it will raise your cholesterol. One of the earliest and most convincing studies was performed by Dr. T.W. Gullickson, professor of dairy chemistry at the University of Minnesota. The study proved the superiority of butterfat over vegetable oils, which are the main ingredients of the margarines.

2. Battle disease with a thick, juicy steak

Red meat is by far your best source of high-quality protein. It contains iron, amino acids, vitamin B12, vitamins A and D, zinc, and calcium. The mental and physical development of children depends on a proper balance of all the nutrients, and no amount of vegetable or other protein provides the ideal combination, in the right proportions, like red meat.

Iron, zinc, and calcium are all difficult to get in proper amounts from a vegetarian diet, especially a diet based on wheat or corn. Oxalates and phosphates, common in cereals and in vegetables like potatoes, also inhibit iron absorption. When you focus your diet on these foods, it’s not unusual to develop iron-deficiency anemia as a result.

Rice has poor protein content, which inhibits the activity of vitamin A. Deficiency in vitamin A leads to skin diseases, intestinal diseases, and, if severe, blindness. A heavy rice diet can also lead to a thiamine deficiency called beriberi. America’s hospitals are full of people with beriberi, pellagra, scurvy, iron-deficiency anemia, hypovitaminosis-A, mineral deficiencies, kwashiakor, and other deficiency diseases. A little meat in the diet, especially if cooked rare, will clear up every single one of these conditions.

3. Stop gorging yourself on useless fiber

People are always telling you to eat fiber, but here’s what they don’t tell you——it’s completely devoid of nutrition. It comes out the same way it entered——as fiber. It may give you that “full feeling,” but an hour later you’ll be raiding the freezer for some ice cream. The junk food industry, combined with amateurish and questionable nutrition research, have bamboozled the innocent, naïve public into believing fiber prevents cancer and diabetes, and cures constipation.

Here’s all the research really proved——fiber creates large stools. That’s it. But the tree huggers manipulated and mis-reported the research until just about everyone was singing the praises of fiber. Hogwash.

For man, there is nothing “natural” about a pure vegetable and fruit diet. Mice may eat that way——but, then again, their average life expectancy is about two years.