Enough is enough: Now the Chinese are poisoning baby formula

Enough is enough: Now the Chinese are poisoning baby formula

Over the past year or so, I’ve been keeping tabs on the contaminated products pouring out of China, many of which have made their way to the States—contaminated pet food, toothpaste with antifreeze, and tainted blood thinners, to name a few.

Hardly a week goes by without some new devastating development. The most recent one is the worst yet.

At least four babies in China have died—and almost 40,000 more have been sickened—by Chinese-made baby formula.

The worst part is that what’s killing these children is the VERY SAME chemical that was killing pets last year—and for the same reason, too. If you’ll recall, the chemical melamine was added to pet food to boost the appearance of the food’s protein content.

Now this same poison has been added to baby formula ON PURPOSE. It disguises the fact that the milk has been diluted to the point of being nutritionless junk food.

And I thought our milk industry was bad. Since milk is pasteurized to the point of death, the manufacturers have to add back in calcium, vitamin D, and whatever else they put in there to try to bring it back from the dead. But at least you don’t have to worry that the industry is trying to boost the nutritional content of their food by adding a chemical that’s used to tan leather! Yes, that’s exactly what melamine is used for.

The Chinese aren’t just treating their people like cattle—they’re treating them like dead cattle.

Dreading the upcoming “Chinese Century”

Although most of this junk baby formula was sold in China itself, or exported to countries like Malaysia, Gabon, and Burundi (all of which have either banned milk from China, or have at least imposed limits on the sale of Chinese milk), it appears that some of the tainted baby formula slipped into U.S. markets that serve a large number of Chinese immigrants.

FDA officials are blaming the recent death of an infant on the corrupted formula, and they say it may have caused kidney stones in dozens of other children who drank the same product.

Death? Kidney stones? Caused by baby formula? Clearly, there is about ZERO control or quality regulation in ANY of China’s factories.

What I want to know is, at what point will the FDA simplify things and replace the age-old product descriptor “Made in China” with the skull and crossbones?

If this is indeed the “Chinese Century,” as many people are calling it, we need to brace ourselves for about 92 more years of deadly goods from China… unless the FDA and the FTC want to get off their duffs and do something about it.

In the meantime, my admonition is this: Don’t eat, inject, or use anything produced in China. Chinese companies don’t care about you—or your children—one bit.