Don’t let the packaging fool you

Don’t let the packaging fool you 

I went to the dentist a little while ago for a routine cleaning, and the nice young lady cleaning my teeth reached for a container as she was finishing the job.

“What is that?” I asked skeptically. 

She responded, “Fluoride to paint your teeth.” 

“Wait just a minute,” I retorted. “You were going to put that poison in my mouth and not even ask my permission?” I gave her an earful about fluoride and then walked out the door. And wouldn’t you know it–the dentist stopped sending a six-month reminder notice, and he took me off his Christmas list as well. 

As you know, fluoride is one of my pet issues. I’ve been fighting to get that poison out of the water supply for more years than I can recall, and I’ll continue to fight against it until every last trace of it has been regulated out of business. 

Most of the time, when I talk about fluoride, I’m warning you about the dangers of ingesting it. But let me be clear: You should stay away from fluoride in ALL its forms–including topical. 

Some so-called “experts” are waking up to the fact that fluoride is a poison that has no place in your water supply, but they’re still missing the point. Take Dr. Michael Flemming, for example. He’s on an FDA dental advisory committee, and he said, “Fluoride in the water is essentially a drug; it’s an uncontrolled use of a drug.” 

Amen to that! But he should have stopped while he was ahead. Instead, he went on to say, “The primary benefit of fluoride is topically, used as a topical addition, not internally.” Oh brother! Do I have to spell it out? 

There are no credible studies that prove that putting fluoride on your teeth isn’t just as dangerous as swallowing it in your water. Think about it: Is it logical to assume that fluoride painted on teeth will just remain there? If so, then how long does the paint job remain? If it does remain, why do they continue repeating the procedure? If it disappears, where does it go? 

Do these people think we’re stupid? If you’re painting it on your teeth, you’re putting it in your body–which means you’re exposing yourself to all of the negative effects countless studies have proven fluoride has on the body. (I won’t bore you with the list again. If you want a refresher, go back and read the January 2008 issue of The Douglass Report.)

Bottom line: Stay away from fluoride–all fluoride. Period.