Fluoride takes another blow

Fluoride takes another blow 

August was a big month in the anti-fluoride campaign. On the same day, two events took place that foreshadow the end of fluoride’s reign over our nation’s drinking water. 

First, a private sector firm called the Lillie Center Inc. filed a formal complaint against the Center for Disease Control’s director and the CDC Oral Health Center. The charge: ethics violations. Here’s why: 

Last year, the National Research Council (NRC) released data showing that certain groups of people–such as diabetics, people with kidney problems, small children, and seniors–are more susceptible to fluoride’s harms. And the CDC’s own data showed them that minorities fall into this category, too–yet they made no effort to communicate this information to the at-risk groups. 

Even though those groups appear to be more at risk, I maintain that everyone who has a lifetime exposure to fluoride will have some degenerative effects–from undiagnosed disease to a premature death. 

How could any scientist with a modicum of biological education think that constant exposure to one of the most toxic chemicals on earth would improve the public health? In retrospect, it will be seen as one of the most ghastly medical experiments ever perpetrated on the human race. 

When it comes right down to it, there was never any credible scientific justification for ingesting fluoride. From the beginning, there was opposition from qualified scientists and many non-scientists with common sense. But that opposition crumbled when the dentists themselves, through dental school indoctrination and fear of ostracism, actively supported the practice of fluoridating tooth paste, mouthwash, and municipal water supplies. 

But the tide is turning. 

“End Water Fluoridation!” 

The ethics complaint I just told you about was only the beginning for the besieged CDC. The backside of the storm brought in the heavy hitters: Over 600 doctors, dentists, engineers, and various scientists presented a signed petition calling for congressional hearings and a halt on fluoridation. 

In their statement, they list eight points showing just how toxic this substance is to your body. 

These are the most monumental fluoride findings from the past eight years. You may recall that I covered a number of them as the news broke, but they’re important enough to bear repeating. I’ll just summarize them here: 

1. In 1999, the CDC admitted that fluoride’s primary benefit is topical–meaning that swallowing it does little (if anything) to benefit your teeth. In fact, numerous reports dating back to 1982 show that there’s basically no difference in tooth decay between fluoridated and non-fluoridated communities. 

2. You may or may not know this by now, but the fluoride used in drinking water supplies is an industrial grade waste product–which is bad enough in and of itself. But it gets worse. In 1999 and 2000, federal agencies admitted that they’ve never tested or approved the fluorosilicate compounds for human ingestion. (Mmm. Drink up!) 

3. In 2000, a UK government-sponsored publication reviewed all of the studies done on fluoride and found that none of them were high quality studies, meaning that they were likely biased. 

4. In 2005, the CDC itself found that 32 percent of American children have dental fluorosis, a disfiguring tooth condition caused by fluoride. (So much for promoting healthy teeth!) 

5. Also in 2005, after many attempts to keep its results under wraps, a Harvard study finally surfaced showing a connection between fluoride in tap water and bone cancer in boys who were exposed to fluoride between the ages of 5 and 10. (I wrote about this in detail in the December 2005 issue.) 

6. In 2006, the American Dental Association recommended that fluoridated water not be given to babies. 

7. The petition also referenced the National Research Council’s report showing, among other things, that the amount of fluoride allowed in public drinking water was far too high and could lead to an increased risk of bone fractures, arthritic-like conditions, dental fluorosis, decreased thyroid function, and osteosarcoma. 

8. Finally, the petitioners referenced a book that I also highly recommend: Christopher Bryson’s The Fluoride Deception. Read it if you want to get the whole sad story. 

The hurricane of scientific opinion is finally becoming a category-5 in the momentous fight against fluoridation of the nation’s drinking water. The next storm should be directed against the American Dental Association and all the state dental associations, who are all unindicted co-conspirators in this outrageous fraud and crime against the American people. 

Very few dentists have had the courage to condemn mass fluoridation, and those who have done so have often suffered persecution and have even had their licenses revoked by the state medical societies. I applaud those who put their jobs on the line to take a stand against fluoride.

If you want to add your voice to the thousands who are calling for an end to fluoride’s reign over our water supplies, then support the Professionals’ Statement Calling for and End to Water Fluoridation by going online to www.fluoridealert.org and clicking on “Send Your Online Message.”