Put a stop to psychiatric witch hunts

Put a stop to psychiatric witch hunts

How did it get this bad? What parent would allow his child to put such a mind-altering, life-shattering substance into his body? And not just allow his child to do so–but actually force him to?

An ignorant one. And in this case, ignorance is anything but bliss.

The lies told to parents about ADHD drugs are outrageous and criminal. They are panicked into believing their children are mentally ill and need early treatment to avoid a life of crime, drug addiction, and early death.

Despite all the evidence, this drug has survived (even though many of its young victims have not) only because the criteria for making the diagnosis of attention deficit disorder are vague and unscientific labels created by medicine’s stepchildren, the sorcerers of psychiatry.

If parents knew the actual “criteria” that comprise the so-called mental disorder, and if they knew the facts about the drug, there would be an outright rebellion and millions of lawsuits. The result would be death to ADHD drugs and, hopefully, the professional death to all of the psychiatrists involved in this mass felony committed against our children.

Everything about this disorder is contradictory. They say it’s a neurological brain disorder, which is what justifies the use of the stimulant drugs to treat it. Yet the only people qualified to diagnose and treat such disorders–neurologists–are rarely, if ever, called upon to diagnose children who are suspected of having ADHD. Instead, school teachers suggest the diagnosis and send the unfortunate children to psychiatrists–the people responsible for emotional and behavioral problems–to confirm the diagnosis and write the prescription.

If ADHD is REALLY the neurological disease the medical world wants you to think it is, the people diagnosing your children are the ones LEAST qualified to do so. And it shows in their drastic over-diagnosis and misdiagnosis of the disease.

Baughman said, “Throughout the eighties and nineties, I witnessed the exploding ADHD epidemic. Just as it was my duty to every patient to diagnose actual disease when it was present, it was equally my duty to make clear to them that they had no disease when that was the case–when no abnormality could be found. That was the case with every child and adult referred with a diagnosis of ADHD...

“Neither could I find validation of ADHD in the medical/scientific literature...In 40 years of pseudo-scientific research, ‘biological psychiatry’ has yet to validate a single psychiatric condition/diagnosis as an abnormality/disease, or as anything ‘neurological,’ ‘biological,’ ‘chemically imbalanced’ or ‘genetic.’”

Drug companies should be held criminally libel for running ads with the false message of a chemical imbalance among our children. What chemical imbalance have they proven to exist? None. Unless Dexedrine, Adderall, or Ritalin deficiency is a newly discovered disease.

The whole scam is incredibly medieval, if you ask me. It reminds me of the 17th century witch-hunts. To determine if a woman was a witch, the accusers would tie a large rock to her ankles and throw her in a lake. If she survived the test, she was declared guilty. And if she didn’t survive, well...

Today’s psychiatric witch hunters believe that if the child becomes adequately brain numb and malleable, the medicine is working. But if he kills his parents, well, the medicine just brought out an “underlying psychopathology,” and it would have happened eventually anyway. It’s a win-win situation for the drugmakers. Mighty convenient, if you ask me.