The poster child for a biological holocaust…

The poster child for a biological holocaust…

The effects of this “global swarming” policy on the organic chicken farms have been different in different countries. Margaret Say, Southeast Asian director for the USA Poultry and Egg Export Council, said, “We cannot control migratory birds, but we can surely work hard to close down as many backyard farms as possible.” And that’s just what’s happening all over the world.

Canada, Germany, Sweden, France, and the Netherlands have all placed a ban on outdoor poultry. Other countries, such as China and Switzerland, are demanding that the chickens be kept either within roofed enclosures or in cages.

Such measures are simply not possible for these farmers for a number of reasons. First of all, they’re just too expensive. Demanding that the free-range farmers cover their chickens with mesh screens and surround them with bamboo fences is simply unrealistic when the cost would be $50 and the poor farmers make as little as a dollar a day.

These costs are relative across the world. Even in wealthy Switzerland, the free-range chicken farmers are giving up because the added cost makes the operation unprofitable. In addition to that, if organic farmers roofed and jailed their chickens, they would lose the organic certification that enables them to charge more.

The situation is especially devastating in Egypt. On Feb. 17, 2006, the Egyptian government confirmed that bird flu had broken out in the nation’s poultry population. The government immediately responded by blaming migratory birds and traditional poultry practices.

Everything changed almost overnight. The Egyptian government swung into action with a military-style cleansing operation. It ordered the culling of all backyard and rooftop poultry and banned live bird markets, where 80 percent of the nation’s poultry is sold. Farmers were promised compensation, and vendors were promised refrigerators so they could switch to selling frozen chicken. Of course, these goodies never materialized.

In less than a month, the Egyptian government effectively destroyed its multibillion-dollar poultry industry, the livelihoods of millions of Egyptians, and the country’s ancient poultry practices and biodiversity.

Although official veterinary reports single out backyard flocks, the website of the Egyptian government clearly lists initial outbreaks at three factory farms where nearly 70,000 birds were culled. These outbreaks were followed by dozens of others in chicken factories across the country. The industry estimates that 50 percent of the commercial farms in the country have been infected and that over 25 million chickens have been slaughtered. In fact, they are probably all infected––and the factories are probably sending infected chicks back to the independent farmers at a cheap price. This alone may eventually destroy the small farmers.

Obviously, something needs to be done to stop the spread of the avian flu. But forcing the confinement of the only healthy chickens left––the organically grown backyard chickens––is a tragedy in the making.

It absolutely boggles my mind that with evidence as clear and unequivocal as what I’ve just presented to you, the entire world could still be conveniently ignoring the role factory farming plays in harboring and spreading this nasty virus. This wild-bird red herring characterizes the pathetic thinking of those birds in the cuckoo’s nests of bungling bureaucracy––the very ones who ignore the fact that WILD BIRDS ARE NOT CARRYING THE VIRUS!! (Pardon me for yelling.)

Peasant farmers have been raising chickens on their small farms for thousands of generations. They are the answer to the bird flu epidemic, not the cause of it. But if the UN and its cronies have their way, the poor peasant farmers will be extinguished, thus compounding the problem and giving the REAL perpetrator of the epidemic, Big Chicken, monopolistic control of this vital resource worldwide.

It is a recipe for disaster––and that’s just what the chicken slavers are getting. The problem is, they don’t pay the price for their felony––the peasant farmers do. And eventually, so will you.