Flu shots full of hot air

Flu shots full of hot air

Typically, around this time of year, I find it appropriate to give my usual spiel about the flu shot–basically that the promotion of it is nothing more than a bunch of hype drummed up by Big Pharma to turn a quick buck. This time around, though, one of my faithful readers from Arkansas has done it for me. Here’s what T.T.D. had to say:

“I know you have written about this before and maybe it’s too late to put something in The Douglass Report now, but the flu shots are REALLY being pushed. The local news anchors here are all getting flu shots on the air LIVE. One of them was getting a shot during the news yesterday, and the nurse who was giving it to the anchor was saying that the flu kills 36,000 people every year. It almost made me want to go out and get one.

“I don’t understand why it’s OK for the news to basically promote these shots so the drug companies can make more money and potentially hurt more people. The news department is not supposed to promote products or services. I have always been told that there should be no commercials in the news because it’s supposed to be NEWS. Why is the flu shot news? To me, it’s just another commercial for the drug companies.

“I am seeing on TV ALL the time now ‘Get your flu shot! Get your flu shot!’ GET YOUR FLU SHOT OR YOU’RE GOING TO DIE!! I put that last part in there, but that’s the hype about it.”

See what I mean? T.T.D.’s commentary is right on the money–and it’s scurrilous and vindictive, to boot. That’s the type of letter I like to publish. This is the only way to penetrate the putrid pall of the puerile press.

In the medical trade, HHH (“triple H”) stands for a certain type of enema: “high, hot, and a hellova lot.” (Doctors have been known to give it to particularly “difficult” patients, but that’s another story) Anyway, my point is that the “triple H” is precisely what we’re getting with the flu propaganda blitz–if you catch my drift.