Hospitals are treating patients to death…

Dear friend,

My claxon electronic loudspeaker sure is getting a lot of use lately. Last month it was “Death to death by fluoride!” This month it’s “Death to modern medicine!”

It’s true that the average lifespan doubled from 40 to 80 years old from the 20th century to the 21st. Modern medicine would have you believe that’s a direct result of patent drugs. But we know better. Try reading Randy Fitzgerald’s The Hundred Year Lie. He doesn’t pull any punches about the not-so-surprising failure of medicine today. Fitzgerald said, “Of those 40 years of increased lifespan during the 20th century, no more than seven years can be credited to modern medicine, with even most of that due to advances in medical technology rather than drugs.” Fitzgerald didn’t pull that number out of thin air, either. He actually got the information from one of the directors of the government’s own Centers for Disease Control.

None of this is news to me. I pointed out in The Milk Book 20 years ago that almost every disease a vaccine was created for was declining rapidly before the vaccine was even introduced. This reduction was caused by improved technology, such as modern roads and refrigeration, improved living conditions (think of air conditioning and modern sewage systems), and awareness that most of the intestinal diseases and tuberculosis were caused by diseased food handlers. (“Death to diseased food handlers!”)

Parenthetically, I can’t resist pointing out that the public health doctors, pediatricians, and epidemiologists have failed the American people outrageously by not warning them about the return to the “good ol’ days” of infant diarrhea, TB, and malnutrition–just a few of the diseases coming across the boarders along with the illegal Mexican immigrants. For the most part, the “medical elite” are gutless dilettantes who would consider it politically incorrect to point out that these invaders are coming with more than just the clothes on their backs–they’re bringing disease, crime, Marxism, and vulgarity with them.

They are controlled by Mexican Communist agitators who preach revolution–and who are shouting with their own loudspeakers: “Death to all rabiblancos!” (that’s “white asses” in English). We’re lost as a nation if we don’t declare war on Mexico, drive these invaders out, and announce a shoot-to-kill policy at the border.

But back to modern medicine and the so-called miracles it has performed for humanity.

Hospitals are treating patients to death…

Researchers at Dartmouth Medical School have exposed some trends that will make people with chronic illnesses want to forgo all modern medical “marvels” and stay home and die in peace. The long and short of it is that the more money spent on health care, the higher the mortality rate. The researchers specifically followed people who experienced a heart attack, a hip fracture, or a colectomy, but I’m sure the results would be similar for other conditions as well.

Dr. John E. Wennberg, director of Dartmouth’s Center for the Evaluative Clinical Sciences (CECS), lays partial blame for the mortality rate on medical error. Now that is a profound observation if I ever heard one. He said, “The more hospital beds there are per capita, the greater the likelihood the patient will be admitted.” You know why? Follow the money! Hospitals have to keep their beds filled because empty beds indicate that you’re not successful. And under our present system of Marxist medicine, dying patients are the most profitable. Treating them intensively is a money machine. Yes, intensive care may shorten the life of the victim–er, patient–but the green stuff flows into the hospital as the red stuff goes down the sink.

According to the Associated Press, “The CECS researchers concluded that the federal government could save tens of billions of dollars a year, plus improve care, if it took steps to prevent the overuse of health care.” I don’t know how many millions of dollars John Wennberg and company spent to come up with this conclusion, but isn’t it perfectly obvious that the present system is treating patients to death?

If Dr. Wennberg would just donate a little of that loose cash to my new organization, called the Center for the Evaluative Political Medical Sciences (CEPMS), I could help him solve this problem he was clever enough to identify. First item on the agenda: Turn those pill-pushing, scalpel-wielding, moneygrubbing docs out of the “public servant” class and force them to do a little honest work for a change–rather than riding on the backs of hard-working Americans citizens.

Despite evidence like this, mainstream medicine and university establishments still don’t understand why people are losing faith. Dr. David McConnell is a prime example.