Are you crazy for taking psychotropic drugs?…

Are you crazy for taking psychotropic drugs?…

From my point of view, psychiatrists (and most of the psychologists who huddle around them lusting for the prescription pad and the authority to incarcerate patients) are prime examples of the degeneration of modern medicine–long on theory handed down from their demented guru, Sigmund Freud, but short on any REAL medical knowledge. Sadly, Freud’s legacy lives on in the long trail of malpractice and loony ideas and in the swindling of the government and patients alike.

Case in point: The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. The DSM is the handbook psychiatrists use to diagnose mental disorders. And after the diagnosis comes the prescription for one or more of the mind-altering psychotropic drugs. That is, after all, where the money is. Big Pharma knows that–and apparently so do the people who write and update the DSM. And they’re cashing in.

Researchers from two New England universities (the University of Massachusetts and Tufts University) studied various databases, financial disclosures in medical journals, and similar records and came to some sad–but not surprising–conclusions about the DSM.

The AP reported that “the study found 56 percent of 170 psychiatric experts who worked on the most recent edition of the DSM had at least one financial link to a drug maker at some point from 1989 through 2004. The relationships included speaking or consulting fees, ownership of company stock, payment for gifts and travel and funding for research. All of the experts who developed DSM sections defining mood disorders, schizophrenia, and other psychotic disorders had such links.” As I keep telling you–follow the money!

The director of the APA’s research division sure is a clever one. Dr. Darrel Regier is pleading ignorant of the improprieties of the situation. That he’s ignorant, I’m sure of. That he didn’t know such actions presented a conflict of interest, I don’t believe for a minute. He said, “If none of the experts were involved with the industry, that would mean they were really out of step with the major advances in the treatment of mental illness.”

What advances would that be? Don’t they all have access to the same simplistic and murky “research” on drugs for “mental illness”? With the abysmal record of psychiatrists in treating what they call mental illness, maybe being “out of step” would be a good thing. Being a hireling of a drug company and pretending to do unbiased research for it is called (down there in the trenches where real doctors actually touch patients) payola, mordida, graft, and a higher form of quackery.

The DSM is obviously associated with the “ethical” drug racket, which tests for drugs that will treat agoraphobia, shoplifting compulsion, fear of heights, impotence, sex addiction, ADHD, adult ADHD (AADHD), and child molestation. This is all such a preposterous fantasy and swindle that I can’t believe a normal person would fall for it.

To cover their “rabiblancos” against any future implications, the American Psychiatric Association (the publishers of the DSM) said it would require financial disclosures for the next edition of the handbook, which should be out by 2011. So let me get this straight…The APA has been around for 162 years and has never required any financial disclosure related to drug research? Is it any wonder that Western medicine is in serious decline? Come to think of it, the very fact that psychiatry is recognized as a legitimate part of medicine is an even bigger sign of that decline.

It seems as if the whole medical establishment has been brainwashed. Here’s another example…