Not getting the medical treatment you deserve? Join the club…

Not getting the medical treatment you deserve? Join the club…

The deterioration of American medicine all started with Lyndon Johnson. He was a mean and vindictive man. Back in 1964, when he was running for president, doctors across America overwhelmingly voted against him because they were afraid of the impact his proposed Medicare plan could have on the practice of medicine. After he was elected, he swore he would get even.

Now, 42 years later, a study reported in the New England Journal of Medicine sheds some light on just how successful he was in demoralizing America’s physicians and in destroying the best medical system in the world. A survey of 7,000 patients in urban areas found that everyone got basically the same quality of treatment regardless of race. Well, isn’t that a socialist nirvana? Of course, the catch here is that it’s equally poor treatment. Mediocrity for everyone! Whether you’re rich or poor, black, white, or green, Mexican, Arab, or from the Isle of Wight, you are guaranteed poor medical care in the USSA (United Soviet States of America). All of the “health experts” interviewed complained about the uniformly low standard of healthcare. Dr. Reed Tuckson, vice president of UnitedHealth Group, a company that runs health plans, said, “Regardless of who you are or what group you’re in, there is a significant gap between the care you deserve and the care you receive.” But how do you measure what a patient “deserves”? You can measure what he receives but how do you measure what he deserves? Does UnitedHealth Group give every customer what he deserves–or just what he can pay for?

I’m sick of these hypocrites in the medical insurance lottery. Desperate and unsuspecting people who rely on health insurance to foot the bill get their coverage denied every day. And while the insurance companies don’t actually say it, you can bet they’re thinking: “We hoped that you would stay well forever, but you developed lung cancer and it’s the last time you’ll get sick on our bank account. Your husband smoked and you’re a non-vegetarian, so your policy is cancelled as of midnight tonight.”

And don’t forget the red-tape monster known as government medicine: “Your request for emergency care is denied. Appendectomies are done only on Mondays on a first-come, first-served basis.”

Mediocre solutions for the problem of mediocrity

What’s their solution? The AP reports that “quality specialists said improvements can come with more public reporting of performance, more uniform training, more computerized checks and more coordination by patients themselves.” I beg to differ. These are exactly the things we have too much of now (except for the “coordination of patients,” which is unrealistic and brainless nonsense). More computerized checks? Why not just go ahead and barcode everybody?

The AP also reports that “health experts blame the overall poor care on an overburdened, fragmented system that fails to keep close track of patients with an increasing number of multiple conditions.” Yeah, that’s just what we need–tighter
control, more centralization, more of the poison that got us here. It never seems to occur to these world savers and reporters that it might be a good idea to junk the whole centralized system and go back to free-enterprise medicine.

The states and the counties (especially the counties) should have the responsibility for their own sick people. That system worked well for 200 years. But I know that the glory days are over for good. Thanks to immigration and public education, the American mentality has changed to one of dependence on the state. Doctors are bitter and helpless due to their forced capitulation to insurance company diktats, federal persecution, greed, cowardice, and fear. And let’s not forget that the American Medical Association (AMA) was an important factor in leading doctors down the road to ruin. I
warned them back in 1962 about the AMA. But they turned a deaf ear and ostracized me professionally and socially. And saying “I told you so” isn’t nearly as satisfying as you’d think because by now most of them are in nursing homes or dead.

It seems like there’s a general feeling of despair and futility among doctors now. They serve two masters: the federal government and the insurance companies. These two powerful groups control what the doctors can prescribe, at what dosage, and to whom they can prescribe it. With Medicare, cash for service is illegal. If the miscreants are caught, the patient will lose his right to Medicare altogether, and the doctor will be stricken from the Medi-slave list and may be forced to serve time for Medi-fraud of the Medi-snare system. Can you believe that a doctor and a patient would be forbidden to enter into a private contract? Doctors are now second-class citizens here in the USSA.

It’s no wonder doctors are frustrated, disappointed, and bitter. The respect once given this noble career has been undermined by decreasing income, poor public image, and an all-pervading fear of OSHA, Medi-snare spies and informants, narcotics agents, state and federal peer-review boards, and patients looking for a juicy malpractice action.

On a completely different note, the media hasn’t wasted any time scaring the world with doomsday news that oil is running out. But no one’s paying attention to what could be an even bigger threat–water shortage.