Krispy Kremes, Coke, and diet pills—a recipe for disaster

Krispy Kremes, Coke, and diet pills—a recipe for disaster

Instead of advising patients to stop digging their graves with their own teeth, nonsurgical docs pull out a prescription pad and write a scrip for Xenical, a “fat blocker,” when what they really need is a good dose of self-control. But who needs self-control when there’s Xenical? The joke is on the patient, though, since fat is not what makes you fat, so blocking fat won’t make you–say it with me–thin! (I’ll come back to this outright scam that’s based on bad science and public ignorance in just a minute.)

Taking a fat blocker is not a rational approach to shedding the pounds, anyway. It’s usually used as an excuse for the person taking it to shovel in more Krispy Kremes and Coke. After all, why watch what you eat if the fat’s not going to be absorbed anyway? What we really need are donut and soft drink blockers–not fat blockers.

The really scary part is that by the end of this year, Xenical could be available over the counter by the name Alli. And without people having to ask doctors for it, things could turn ugly fast. You see, Xenical does more than block fat absorption (which is dangerous enough in itself). It also blocks the absorption of vital nutrients your body needs. And unless users supplement with vitamins, they’ll become nutrient deficient. And did anyone mention its potential abuse? People who rely on Xenical could have to be on it for the rest of their lives because it only works while they’re taking it. So what in the world would make anyone stop?

Thankfully, I’m not the only one who thinks this is a cause for alarm. Dr. Sidney Wolfe recently spoke on behalf of the group Public Citizen. You won’t find me lining up on the same side as this left-wing, liberal watchdog group too often, so you know this is pretty serious. Dr. Wolfe sure didn’t mince any words when he gave his opinion. He called it a “desperate attempt to revive this barely effective drug by an OTC switch.” And you can guarantee profits will rise: With the drug costing somewhere between $12 and $25 a week, GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare, the maker of the diet drug, could earn at least $1.5 billion a year in retail sales.

But as with the obesity surgery, we’ve come full circle. Even Glaxo admits that Xenical only works when it’s combined with diet and exercise. If that’s the case, why take it in the first place? Diet and exercise alone should do the trick. Of course, that’s if you’re following the right diet (not the tombstone-shaped one the soy-loving veg-heads in the FDA and USDA are telling you to follow), and if you’re not going overboard on the exercise. (Killing yourself in the gym will do just that–kill you.)

Here’s my prediction: Xenical will eventually be sold directly to the public even though it doesn’t work and isn’t scientifically based. Commerce always wins over health. Think of fluoride, a toxic waste we buy by the ton and drink in our water; soy products that are clearly a danger to your health; and pasteurized milk–a food product that has been changed from near-perfect to one that should be banned because it has no nutritional value at all and actually causes many more health problems than it solves.

And since Xenical works by keeping you from getting the essential fats you need from your diet, it will make you just as sick as all the other scams.

And while we’re on the subject of wider girths, I’ve got a shocking announcement to make: The French are getting FAT. Sacre bleu! How can this be?

The French disaster

For years I’ve been singing the praises of the French eating habits. But a reliable eyewitness (an American friend of mind living in Paris who is an avid observer of these curious people) tells me that more and more French people are fighting the battle of the bulge.

Don’t get me wrong–it’s still somewhat rare to see obese people in France (unless they’re tourists or immigrants). And my source tells me that the average Frenchman still regards obesity as a moral and esthetic failing. So nothing drastic has happened yet. But if the rest of the industrial world is any clue, the French are doomed to expand.

So what’s to blame? It’s the same ol’, same ol’–there’s money to be made and too much to do to take the time to fix a home-cooked meal and eat it at a leisurely pace.

But that doesn’t keep most people from pointing an accusing finger at dietary fat.

Even Harvard admits low-fat diets are bunk

Thankfully for you and me there are a few people in high places who have the courage and knowledge to speak out on the importance of dietary fat. One is Dr. Frank Hu of the Harvard School of Public Health. (I know, Harvard coming out as pro-fat seems too good to be true.) Dr. Hu actually said, “The exclusive focus on dietary fat has been a distraction in efforts to control obesity.” And when he stood before the committee in charge of revising the USDA food pyramid for 2005, Dr. Hu told them that “conventional wisdom holds that the more fat you eat, the more likely you are to become obese. However, the evidence does not support the conventional wisdom...” He had 16 long-term studies backing up his position that a low-fat diet is not beneficial.

So what happened? They didn’t exactly ignore him... There is some support for including more fat in the pyramid diet, but they’re recommending the worst possible combination of liquid vegetable oils–soy, canola, and safflower. And this is in spite of hard evidence showing that including only liquid vegetable fats in your diet and no animal fats is a clear and present danger to your health.

The best thing you can do is ignore the food pyramid (and definitely forget about obesity surgery and diet pills). If you want to shed the pounds, read Eat Fat Lose Fat by Mary Enig and Sally Fallon. To order a copy, go to

The university scientists, closet vegetarians, bear huggers, and asp kissers are all promoting an immense fraud on the American people by aiding and abetting heart disease and cancer. May the asp they kiss be venomous and the bear they hug be hungry.

With stories like these, it’s no wonder the entire medical community is going to hell in a handbasket. Just be careful they don’t take you down with them...