Mercury on the mind

Mercury on the mind 

Many dentists have cut back drastically – or stopped altogether – their use of mercury amalgam fillings (euphemistically called silver amalgams). But let’s not be too hasty in giving them a pat on the back. Yes, it’s a step in the right direction, but if that’s where they stop, they’re missing the point. What about the millions of people with the toxin still in their mouths? We already know that these fillings leak mercury into your system. But new studies show that it’s much worse than anyone ever realized.

Researchers discovered that when they stimulated a filling, they could actually see the mercury vapor emanating from the filling for at least an hour and a half. It doesn’t take much to stimulate a filling, either: It happens every time you eat, brush your teeth, chew gum, or grind your teeth. The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT), a highly credible organization of dentists and toxicologists who promote mercury-free dentistry, demonstrated this phenomenon in a video called Smoking Teeth=Poison Gas. According to the video, “If you can see [the mercury vapor], it’s more than 1,000 times higher than the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will allow for the air that we breathe.”

When you inhale mercury vapor, it’s easily absorbed into your bloodstream and over time can cause devastating effects to your immune, respiratory, cardiac, urinary, and digestive systems.

The EPA is fairly strict when it comes to forcing companies to maintain the allowed mercury limit (which is close to zero). Yet even though it will vigorously smite any capitalist miscreant company that dares to violate the allowed limits, the EPA doesn’t have anything to say to the dentists who actually put the stuff in your mouth.

Despite overwhelming evidence of the harm of mercury fillings, many manufacturers and trade associations continue to stand by their safety. Even though the two sides seem to be at a standstill, they don’t need to agree for action to be taken. The IAOMT issued a public statement on the issue, saying that “The Precautionary Principle requires action once the possibility of harm exists. It does not require the proof beyond a shadow of a doubt...In the case of heavy metal and xenobiotic exposure, [that would be] both nearly impossible and unnecessary in our opinion.” The IAOMT concluded: “It is the opinion of this academy that responsible government agencies should prohibit the use of these fillings until such time as their manufacturers produce the alleged evidence of safety.”

Of course, as of now, the use of mercury amalgams continues unabated. So once people learn the truth about mercury fillings, it’s not unusual for them to run to the dentist to get them removed. Unfortunately, the solution isn’t quite that easy. The extraction of the mercury produces levels that are much higher than if the mercury were left in the mouth. And if the dentist isn’t knowledgeable in the proper extraction method, he can cause more harm than good. Unless the doctor wears protective headgear, uses a good ventilator system, and uses proper disposal, he could severely intoxicate the patient, his staff members, and himself when he removes the fillings.

Actions to take:

(1) Your best option is to go to a dentist who understands the hazards of using mercury fillings and knows the safest procedures for removing them. To take the guesswork out of finding the right dentist, you can choose one from the network of IAOMT dentists. They have all been through an accreditation program and know the latest techniques to keep you safe. To find an IAOMT dentist in your area, visit their website,, click on “Find a Dentist,” and enter your state and ZIP code.

(2) These landmark studies have been put into a video that is excellent-and horrifying. It is titled Smoking Teeth=Poison Gas. Purchase a copy, watch it, and pass it on to your dentist. To buy a copy, contact International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology’s Patient Protection Protocols by sending an e-mail to: