Letters: MSG madness

Letters: MSG madness

 “I love your newsletter. Thanks for exposing the hypocrisy in the pharmaceutical and medical industries. Your email regarding schools and the health of the kids is well taken.

Correspondingly, could you please investigate and pursue the fact that MSG (monosodium glutamate) causes obesity and a whole host of other symptoms and diseases in children as well as adults and is added to virtually everything we eat that is not fresh and/or raw?

Many of us know the dangers and avoid foods containing MSG. However, the food industry does not want it known that MSG is in all our food so they have duped and misled us by listing it in the ‘ingredients’ under a host of other names so we think there is no MSG in the food items.

I have been trying to figure out for years what is causing the proliferation of strange diseases, especially in children... There are plenty of suggestions for alleviating symptoms, but it is suspicious to me that our science and medical experts are very careful to avoid discussing the causes, which they have to be aware of! They would rather leave the impression that heredity or poor life style or an errant gene is the cause...

I am one of the victims, whose life has been severely damaged by MSG and other additives. I am ‘madder than hell’ and I am trying to figure out what I can do to expose this fraud, bring it to the light of day, force removal of these poisons or demand a skull and crossbones for poison to be prominently labeled on EVERYTHING, including on restaurant menus, and punish the food industry for all the sickness and suffering they have caused.

I’m sure you have your own sources, but in case you are interested, one internet article cites Jack and Adrienne Samuels at the Truth in Labeling Campaign, P.O. Box 2532, Darien, IL 60561; www.truthinlabeling.org for further information.

Thanks for anything you can do.”
–V.W., Tupelo, MS

WCD: I can only add that they are now putting MSG in practically everything-even topical products such as cosmetics and medications -it has become as ubiquitous as fluoride. The above website is highly recommended.

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