Health Notes

Health Notes

A novel voice in the case against global warming

It’s a sad state of affairs when a fictional novel is based more in fact than the so-called “facts” you get on the evening news.

Michael Crichton should get a Nobel Prize in literature for his latest book State of Fear. Heck, he should get a Nobel Prize in physics for it. He’s proven himself much more of a genius than the enviro-eggheads who usually end up with the coveted award by going against the grain and standing up for the truth about global warming-that it’s all a bunch of hocus pocus.


His book puts forth the idea that things are fine just the way they are and that any danger we’re in comes from all the global-warming fanatics trying to “save us all.” Crichton appropriately dubbed them “environmental terrorists” in State of Fear.

Here’s what Publisher’s Weekly had to say about it:

“If Crichton is right-if the scientific evidence for global warming is thin; if the environmental movement, ignoring science, has gone off track; if we live in what he in his Author’s Message calls a ‘State of Fear,’ a ‘near-hysterical preoccupation with safety that’s at best a waste of resources and a crimp on the human spirit, and at worst an invitation to totalitarianism’-then his extraordinary new thriller may in time be viewed as a landmark publication, both cautionary and prophetic. If he is wrong, then the novel will be remembered simply as another smart and robust, albeit preachy, addition to an astonishing writing career.”

“Landmark publication”? Don’t get me wrong: I’m grateful to Crichton for being a celebrity voice for this cause, but you and I both know he’s not the first one to question the global warming fiasco. So he’ll just have to share his Nobel Prizes with us.

Action to take:

Read State of Fear and then rush it to your friends. Check your local library for a copy. If they don’t have it, you can get it at just about any bookstore or on This book may be our last hope on earth to stop the global warming hoax-a path to international suicide.

Ban on smoking bad for business

The word is out: Restaurants that have banned smoking do not suffer a business loss for taking such a drastic action. Well, that is true in California because the diners have no choice. But here is what happened in Tempe, Arizona: A year after a complete ban on smoking in restaurants was inaugurated in Tempe, 17 percent of all pubs had gone out of business.

In the two adjoining counties, where restaurants do provide smoking sections, business is just fine and, in fact, booming because they are getting smoking refugees from Tempe.

I know this isn’t really health-related news, but it is just a warning that if you don’t stand up to the environmental politicos about your right to smoke, you may find your favorite watering hole drowned under the non-smoking tide.


“Tempe (Arizona) bar revenue down 20 percent after smoking ban,” Free Republic (, 10/26/02