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Control of supplements heads toward control of the masses

About five years ago, I heard about Codex Alimentarius, an international commission created by the World Health Organization (WHO) to develop a code of standards for foods. They claim that one of the main purposes of the program is to "protect the health of consumers." It looked ominous to me, but you know how paranoid I am about ANY program presented by our "betters" in the government in the name of our improvement and safety. I mentioned it to my friends and colleagues, but they assured me that Codex was no threat, and since some of them were big shots in the commercial nutrient business, I took their word for it and went back to beating up on the other snakes in the pit that deserved my attention.

But I recently read an article by a fellow physician, whom I know and respect, who claims we have been had and that Codex is going to eat us all by August 2005. That's when a new legislation called the EU Food Supplements Directive is scheduled to go into effect in Europe. And when that happens, over 5,000 natural supplements will be removed from the shelves Europe-wide.

People will have to get prescriptions from their doctors to buy vitamins, and the amounts that the doctor can legally prescribe will be so ridiculously small the patient might as well just swallow the Euros they would've paid the pharmacy for the prescription. (In fact, the Euro probably contains more beneficial minerals than the prescription-only mineral supplements they will have.)

That's bad news for the Europeans, but why should we care? Well, since the Directive is part of Codex and Codex is a UN concoction, presumably, we must obey, since we are just another peon nation of that great body and no longer have a vote in such matters.

My friends in the nutrient business had deceived me. They said it was nothing to worry about that it was a European thing and not binding on us. They were either in denial about the whole thing, or they knew exactly what they were doing and could visualize themselves cornering the market on government-mandated control of all nutrients. They could have their own salesmen calling on doctors and lauding their government-mandated puny doses of everything from A to zinc at 10 to 20 times what you pay now. Sound familiar? Suddenly supplement companies are playing the role of Big Pharma.

Start clipping your coupons

I just thought of something. Maybe it's just paranoia on my part, but does "establishment of safe upper levels for nutrients" mean my local dictatorship gets to decide how much spinach and how many eggs I am allowed to eat? After all, those are two of the most nutrient-rich foods there are, and they want control over our nutrient intake.

Maybe they'll create food coupons that will allow us to "purchase" only amounts of foods that contain the levels of vitamins and minerals they tell us we can have. I know I'm straying from the subject a little, but just imagine the Codex food coupons (called the FoodEx) becoming a currency. Sounds GREAT-money backed by peanuts, peas, and pears. Of course, it beats our current situation. The FoodEx coupons will probably be much more negotiable than the dollar, which is rapidly becoming worthless. Food backing would not be as good as gold backing, but it would be better than the present faith-based dollars, also known as Greenspinners.

If an international (UN/Codex) body can regulate how much food or how many "nutrients" you can and should have, you are nothing more than a dog. Is it too much of a stretch to imagine these despicable UN/Codex creatures moving on to actual food quantities allowed each of their pets (you)? Think about all the deceitful objectives they could accomplish with that kind of power. There is a massive propaganda campaign under way to "do something" about fat people. Perhaps you have noticed. Isn't it perfectly reasonable that the Codex dictators will tell you they can't really fix the problem and help you get healthy unless they regulate your diet and all the extra--and in their minds unnecessary--nutrients you take?

Once they control your food, it won't be long before they start a massive propaganda campaign that will teach you most of the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, and herbs you take are unnecessary and a burden on the health care system. Oh wait; they're already doing that.

The law of the land

Attorney Suzanne Harris of the Law Loft is a treasure trove of information on this ongoing tragedy and march to the hell of UN dictatorship. The following information is from her report website along with my comments.
Harris first outlines three ominous meetings that track the progression of the Codex scheme.

"November 1st, 2004: Dr Christine Taylor of WHO announced the launch of the new WHO framework project. It will build a new overarching international model for the evaluation of the safe upper levels of nutrients"

"November 2nd, 2004: The Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Uses Committee of the Codex Alimentarius Commission reached agreement on the final language for the guideline on vitamins and minerals as food supplements"

They're only focused on supplements right now, but by officially classifying vitamins and minerals as food supplements, they're setting the stage to take control of both.

"November 10th, 2004: The General Principles Committee of the Codex Alimentarius Commission agreed to recommend deletion of the notification and acceptance procedures in the Codex Procedural Manual as 'obsolete' and 'irrelevant.'"

In simple English, this means that the Codex Commission doesn't want the individual countries to think they have the right to accept or reject the Codex mandates. They now make the laws and, in democratic fashion, decide what is best for you. This makes the UN (through Codex in this case) the supreme law of the planet.

Power to the penguins

Commissar Taylor's announcement of this "official WHO project" to create safe upper levels for nutrients is so bizarre and brazen that I wouldn't believe it if it weren't a combined U.S./UN/ European Union brainchild.

Since overdosing on nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, is relatively rare-far less common than the tens of thousand of cases of aspirin overdose-what is the point in this "risk assessment" of what you swallow, drink, chew, and inhale?

The point is seizure of POWER and more POWER to the point that we are no different from a flock of rock hopper penguins in the Falkland Islands.

Did you really think Codex was about quality control?

A macabre piece of good news

On her website, Harris does offer what she calls "a macabre piece of good news." And that is:
"Putting a final end to the folly of thinking we are not bound by what happens at Codex:
"Incredibly, several apparently well-meaning lawyers with no experience in WTO/Codex law or politics have touted the notion recently that it doesn't matter what happens at Codex, since no nation is bound in its domestic law to what happens at Codex unless that nation files a notification and acceptance of Codex standards or guidelines with the Codex Alimentarius Commission. While even to suggest such a thing in the post World Trade Organization (WTO) world seems like the height of folly, nevertheless, these positions, however off the cuff and/or misquoted, have gained a certain traction within portions of the dietary supplement industry and alternative health community in North America. Let us be clear here it is absolutely irrelevant whether a WTO member country formally accepts a Codex standard or guideline or not."

Action to take:

Please read Harris' full report at We are on a crash program here but, thanks to the courageous work of Suzanne Harris and other revolutionaries like her, we have a chance of defeating this Euro-Communist international power grab. (She will find little support among the pragmatic and disloyal legal community and, in fact, will pay dearly for taking such a strong constitutional stand--pray for her.)

Try to convince your friends and your doctor (if he is on our side) of the seriousness of the situation. This will be difficult, as many of the most knowledgeable people are completely unaware of the problem.