Letters: Red in the face

Letters: Red in the face

“I have rosacea and am quite frustrated with the medical profession and their apparent ignorance on the disease. I studied it quite intensively, for a layperson, and came to realize that I knew more about the treatment than they did!

I have tried vitamin A, which really helps smooth the skin. I have not tried vitamin D yet. My main issue is flushing and my husband, who also is a doctor, thinks it’s because I’m 45, and the increase in severity may be due to hormones. So he suggested I try black cohosh. I just started it, so will have to wait about four weeks to see.

Rosacea is a GROWING disease with so many symptoms!! The blankety-blank dermatologists lump us all in the same category and want to give antibiotics. It’s disgusting. They think if you have a red face, you have rosacea and they cram in tetracycline and boom, you’re ‘healed.’ I’m a member of a HUGE rosacea chat group and we’re all pretty disgusted with modern medicine and dermatologists in particular.

Just be watching for more and more to come out in the media on this disease as TONS of baby boomers end up with red, bumpy, burning, flushing, inflamed faces (and ears, hands and feet, which, of course, dermatologists DON’T think is associated with rosacea. Yeah, yeah, yeah…So why did I have onset of ALL symptoms at once? You’ve got to be kidding!)

Sorry… just getting out a little hostility here.” ––K.J.D., Clearwater, FL

WCD: Since you also know more about rosacea than I do, I did a little sleuthing and found out the awful truth: You’re right—dermatologists don’t have a CLUE. You have every right to be hostile. Not once did I find any reference to rosacea occurring anywhere but the face. If it wasn’t on the face then it wasn’t rosacea. And pretty much every resource recommends the use of antibiotics to treat the condition.

One of the funniest medical cartoons I have ever seen depicts a group of doctors hovering over a patient in a hospital bed. One of them turns to the patient and asks: “Do you mind if we call in a quack?”

Go for it, KJD. Since rosacea is not my area of expertise, I can’t say for sure that the vitamin and herbal therapies you’re trying will work, but I can say that they are probably 99.9 percent safer than trying a bunch of different antibiotics. And with your husband’s professional guidance and support, it sounds like you’re in good hands.

Who knows? Maybe you  will win a Nobel Prize for common sense.