Health Notes: Protein-power your sex life

Health Notes: Protein-power your sex life

There’s an important warning for elderly and vegetarian men about the effect of low protein diets on their sex lives.

Researchers say people who do not eat enough protein are at risk for low testosterone levels, which can cause a decline in sexual function as well as muscle loss, reduced red blood cells, and damage to bones. The real subject here is testosterone but you should keep these other factors in mind: Veganism = muscle loss, anemia, and osteoporosis.

“People who do not eat meat are particularly at risk, because animal products are good sources of high biological value proteins. Dr. Christopher Longcope, of the University of Massachusetts medical school, says his latest findings mean the elderly in particular should be counseled about the importance of eating enough protein. He found that low protein diets lead to increases in sex hormone-binding globulin in older men, which reduces the availability of testosterone,” reports BBC News. Put in a simpler way, low protein diets (they should have said low animal protein diets) reduce testosterone levels.

A spokeswoman for the Vegan Society said there was not usually a problem of low protein intake for vegans, who do not eat meat or dairy products. “It is just sensible to eat a varied diet,” she said. “As long as you are doing that, you will be fine.”

You see what I mean about vegan mentality? They probably think this puffball statement makes sense. You will not be fine.

You will be sickly looking, passive, and cranky. (That is not a scientific observation but a personal one.) To the vegan, a “varied diet” means red, green, yellow, and brown vegetables; fruits and grain (a lot of that); and soy (which adds to the above-mentioned problem). You just can’t stay healthy on radishes and rudabega, carrots and kale, and-while we are alliterating-pears and pomegranate. You need animal fat and animal protein in your diet-and the more the better.

You don’t need soy protein in your diet, in fact, the less the better. The starving Africans have to eat soy protein because that is all they can afford–eat it or die. But where has it gotten them?

Only the Masai and similar African tribes that live exclusively on animal products are vigorous and healthy.

Protein you can sink your teeth into

But the problem isn’t just happening to vegans. Older men are also at higher risk for impaired sexual function brought on by lack of protein. Denise Parish, a dietician at the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff, said that part of the problem is that older people stop eating as much protein because they have problems with their teeth, as in not being able to chew the meat. Parish said foods such as textured vegetable proteins, soy, rice, and bread were good sources of protein for both these groups of people.

Denise is sending these unsuspecting people to gastronomical HELL. You need animal protein and fat, pure and simple. No one said you had to eat your steak caveman-style without a fork and knife. But if small bites are still too tough, make burgers. You can make them out of any type of meat, and they’re easy to chew. So are fish, eggs, and cheese.


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