Warming up to nuclear power

Warming up to nuclear power

Don’t panic, but nuclear power is coming back into your life. This is a good thing, not a bad thing. The Greenies have set us back 50 years in safe nuclear power production, claiming that “Nuclear Winter” was coming and we were all going to freeze to death. Now, these morons are claiming we are doomed all over again, but this time from global warming. While we’ll have to continue slugging away at the “CO2 is gonna get you” tirades, I do have encouraging news on the “radiation is gonna get you” propaganda front.

The powers that be have presented the enviro-fanatics with the reality of the situation we’re in. They took them aside and told them that we’re running out of oil to heat our homes. (Forget about using the car/gasoline angle with them-they think we should rollerskate everywhere). I imagine the conversation went something like this:

“Well, children, we are running out of oil. We have a choice; what will it be, coal or nuclear?”

The environmentalists’ collective big mouths dropped in unison and they turned pale: “COAL or NUCLEAR?!”

“Yes, and before you answer, remember coal is nasty; it gets under your finger nails, dirties your shirts, and gives you black lung. So, what’s your decision?”

Even the Greenies don’t want to freeze to death in the dark. So they put down their “No More Nukes” signs and replied: “Well I guess nuclear.”

And so it came to pass.

Fossil fuels on their way to extinction

James Lovelock, British creator of the Gaia hypothesis that Earth is a single self-regulating organism, recently published an impassioned plea to phase out fossil fuels. Nuclear power, he argued, is the last, best hope for averting climatic catastrophe.

Lovelock proclaimed: “Opposition to nuclear energy is based on irrational fear fed by Hollywood-style fiction, the Green lobbies and the media. Even if they were right about its dangers-and they are not-its worldwide use as our main source of energy would pose an insignificant threat compared with the dangers of intolerable and lethal heat waves and sea levels rising to drown every coastal city of the world. We have no time to experiment with visionary energy sources; civilization is in imminent danger and has to use nuclear, the one safe, available energy source now, or suffer the pain soon to be inflicted by our outraged planet.”

Poor James. You’re almost there, and thank you for your support.

I think he means well, but he said “Hollywood style fiction” is responsible for “irrational fear” concerning nuclear energy. But he’s still under the Hollywood spell himself when it comes to the non-problem of climate change. We are not facing “lethal heat waves” or “drowning coastal cities.”

He’s right about the nuclear power though: It’s a much better option. In fact, at the rate things are going, it’s quickly becoming the only option. So don’t fight the power-embrace it.


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