Letters – Serious health threats: Where does rabies rank?

Serious health threats: Where does rabies rank?

“I hear about rabies a lot but I am confused as to what it is and if it is still a threat. I know it used to be. I also remember being told that the treatment is worse than the disease” –M.D., Roanoke Virginia

WCD: As one New England Journal of Medicine commentator says: “The public may not appreciate that their surroundings are a veritable sea of rabies, maintained by common animals.” But, in spite of that, the disease has practically disappeared in Americans-and their pets. Urbanization is the major cause of this disappearance. We are just not exposed to wild animals much anymore. Whereas more than 9,000 rabid dogs were reported in the United States in 1944, fewer than 100 were reported in 2002. (Actually, rabid cats now outnumber rabid dogs in the U.S. because cats tend to be less well-supervised and less often vaccinated than dogs.)

But the incidence of rabies in the rest of the world is a different story.

According to the New England Journal of Medicine, recent assessments illustrate that the magnitude of rabies in undeveloped countries is grossly underestimated. Apparently, in these areas, millions of people seek vaccination and bites from rabid dogs cause tens of thousands of deaths per year. Rabies is also endemic in all Latin American countries except Uruguay.

Of course, in typical university fashion, the NEJM reports the dire third-world rabies warnings but has overlooked one of the greatest advances in modern medicine for treating rabies. Right under their noses, buried in the dusty racks of pre-computer science in their libraries is a treatment so effective that it can eliminate the need for antibiotics in 95 percent of cases of bacterial infection and close to 100 percent of viral diseases, such as rabies and tetanus. But no one dares speak its name-photoluminescence or ultra violet blood irradiation (UVB). Why?

Doctors at all levels of practice have been in the pockets of the pharmaceutical industry for 50 years. The implementation of this therapy would wipe out Big Pharma-and the medical leeches who feed off of it.

But it works, and, in the very unlikely event that you do ever find yourself stricken with this disease, keep the numbers for The Foundation for Light Therapy (561-274-7078; www.fflt.org) or Natural Healing Centers, Inc. (574-271-9444; www.natural-healing-centers.com) handy. These organizations can provide you with a list of international and U.S. clinics that perform photoluminescence. (Please note that I have no information on or connection with any of the specific clinics or physicians listed.)


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