Health Notes: Billionaires on welfare: McDonald’s, Bob Dole, Scottie Pippin, Sam Donaldson, Ted Turner, and Queen Elizabeth

Health Notes: Billionaires on welfare: McDonald’s, Bob Dole,
Scottie Pippin, Sam Donaldson, Ted Turner, and Queen Elizabeth

I know I’m not supposed to have long-running headlines, but I wanted these despicable characters, these greedy bloodsuckers, to really have the marquis treatment. If you thought you were mad about the war, about Wall Street swindlers, or about the mal-education of your children, now you’re really going to get mad. McDonald’s earns $40 billion a year. Can you possibly imagine bureaucrats GIVING the golden arches an additional $1.6 million? Well, that’s exactly what they did. They needed the money, the government says, “to help promote Big Mac burgers in Europe.” It’s called the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s “Market Access Program.”

Now here’s the nutrition part of the deal (so you won’t accuse me of talking politics and not medicine): Follow the lead of some smart consumers who have used this little discovery as one more reason not to eat the slop Mickey D’s wraps in paper and passes off as food.

One of my favorite websites,, quoted what some enraged and hard-working Americans are saying about this corporate welfare scheme: “Melissa Sanders whose husband works two jobs in California so she can stay home with their two children, ages 2 and 4 said, ‘This is an outrage! After all the taxes eat my husband’s paycheck and he has to work two jobs just so we can make ends meet, now I find out it is given to a mega corporation like McDonald’s? Fine. Since they’re stealing our money to make stockholders richer, our family will never step foot in a McDonald’s again.’ A similar, yet more colorful response was given by an elderly couple who wished their names withheld, ‘We don’t eat McDonald’s because their food is unhealthy. Now we find out they’re getting our money anyway from #&**! politicians who care nothing for the American people.’”

The total tab for more than 100 corporate welfare programs is a staggering $87 billion dollars a year. Here is a partial list of how we’re helping these “disadvantaged” companies: $300,000 to Campbell’s soup, $1.4 billion to IBM, $671 million to General Electric, $3 million to the California Raisin Board, and $4.9 million to Ernest & Julio Gallo winery. How did IBM get an agricultural subsidy of $1.4 billion? Do they make computers out of corn and wheat now? And what about General Electric? Have they switched from steel to broccoli to make blenders?

As if it weren’t bizarre enough for IBM and GE to get these grants, the government also extended the benefit to celebrity millionaires (and in some cases, billionaires) like former U.S. Senator Bob Dole, Charles Schwab, professional basketball player Scottie Pippin, David Rockefeller, TV news anchor Sam Donaldson, Ted Turner, and Britain’s Queen Elizabeth. You read that right-the Queen of England is on U.S. welfare.

Action to take:

Boycott all these thieving corporations. And start a movement to stop all subsidies to rich and poor alike and all nations, rich and poor alike. Now that’s democracy.


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