Letters: The worst weight-loss advice from the best spa in town

The worst weight-loss advice from the best spa in town

 “Dear Dr. Douglass,

Yes, I am one of those millions of women who want to be beautiful for their husbands so, following what we all do, I went to the best spa in town and signed up for a get-a-perfect-body program. They measured me everywhere, they took my weight several times, and after a week of test treatment, they called me and told me how much weight I have to lose. I was anxious of course-but what they told me left me speechless: They said I only had to lose FOUR pounds.

After discussing my dietary habits with doctors and dietitians, they have concluded that if I want to lose those four pounds, I have to change my high-protein diet to a vegetarian, full-carbohydrate diet. Can you believe that?

“I am an avid reader of nutrition books-especially yours-and know for sure that what they were recommending was WRONG! What they actually want is to make me FAT like a cow with their ‘miracle’ vegetarian, full-carb, no-protein-at-all (at least not from any animal) diet, and then blame me for not following their advice so they could sell me more fat-reducer treatment at their famous, really expensive spa.

“I continue to go there because I love their facial treatments, but after learning about their NONSENSE dietary advice, I have decided to be healthy by sticking to my high-protein, high-animal-fat diet and start walking in the mornings with my dog so I can lose those four nasty pounds.”

–M.D., via e-mail

WCD: Well, M.D., by coincidence, just a few days ago, I read pronouncements from “a panel of government experts” that explains at least one reason why dieticians don’t know much worth knowing about nutritional and clinical biochemistry.

The whole report is so fake and feckless that reading it makes you want to eat it in a blind rage. I’ll report on it in detail in an upcoming issue of RHB-if I haven’t eaten it. But just to give you an idea of the inanity of the whole thing, the so-called experts said, basically, that we don’t really need to eat less sugar, we just need to be more careful. Whatever that means.