One “nutrient” you don’t need

One “nutrient” you don’t need

More than 50 years of research has proven, beyond a doubt, that fluoride is not suitable for human consumption. It is, in fact, an internationally recognized poison. Most nations have abandoned it, realizing that it was a horrible mistake and responsible for bad health and death in millions of innocent people. But in spite of this crime against humanity, here in the U.S., the National Academy of Sciences and the USDA are conferring to officially bestow “nutrient” status on fluoride at the 28th Annual Nutrient Data Bank Conference. One of the workshops is titled: “Fluoride as a nutrient of public health importance; a quality assurance program for the National Fluoride Database Intake Assessment Study.”

Can you believe this? “A nutrient of public health importance”? And now they’re looking for “quality assurance” after blindly pouring fluoride toxin into tens of millions of people for 50 years without any regard to quality? Actually, the word they should be using is quantity assurance, not quality assurance. We already know the quality: It’s quite pure-a pure and deadly poison. But no one’s paying attention to how much of the stuff is being forced on us. First of all, any is too much. But on a daily basis, massive doses are taken in by the general public without anyone having any idea how much they are getting. It is in the water supply, toothpaste, most foods, and you inhale it from your shower. The dose children get is, by weight, astronomically higher than doses considered safe even by the promoters of this carcinogenic and neurotoxic substance.

The fact is, the American people are poisoned with 200,000 tons per year of commercial grade fluoride salts. That’s over 140 million Americans who are getting a daily dose of one of the most toxic substances on the planet. Even if it did work in preventing tooth decay, is it worth it? If you think so, you won’t after reading this:

Sodium fluoride has been largely displaced in the water poisoning industry (formerly known as the water company) by a more complex molecule known as sodium silicofluoride. To this day the substitution of silicofluorides in public water treatment facilities has never been subjected to appropriate animal or human testing. Is it more toxic? Less toxic? The same? No one knows. But Dr. Roger D. Masters, Research Professor Emeritus at Dartmouth College, and President of the Foundation for Neuroscience & Society, has uncovered a surprising and shocking relationship between fluoride ingestion and lead toxicity. Where silicofluorides are used, children absorb more lead from the environment, and there are higher rates of diseases and behavioral problems associated with lead poisoning.

Masters and his group of researchers compared children’s blood lead levels in communities using fluoride-treated water with communities using non-fluoridated water. In three separate samples, totaling over 400,000 children, fluoride-treated municipal water was ALWAYS significantly associated with increased blood lead levels in children. This is chronic lead poisoning, which can lead to a myriad of other terrible diseases.

The National Academy of Sciences must be aware of the Dartmouth College Masters report. They can’t be THAT brain dead from fluorosis, can they? Unfortunately, it’s either that or an even more horrible reality: That they just don’t care.

Actions to take:

(1) Drink only fluoride-free bottled water.

(2) Read the most definitive book on fluoride ever written: The Fluoride Deception by Christopher Bryson. (Available at When you’re done, pass it, along with this report, on to your friends.