Health Notes

The new “expert” coalition: Ganging up on disease, or on you?

According to a recent news release I read, “The American Cancer Society, the American Diabetes Association, and the American Heart Association have joined forces to help Americans lower their risk of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and stroke, which together account for nearly two out of every three deaths in the United States...”

Well that is really great, isn’t it? But I thought that was what they were supposed to be doing for the past 100 years. And I bet I can guess what the “coalition’s” collective advice will be in this blitzkrieg against the Grim Reaper: “Eat your fruits and vegetables!” “Exercise!” “DON’T SMOKE!” “Get Pap smears, mammograms, PSA tests, and colon screenings!” And, most importantly, “Don’t forget to take your prescription meds!”

If that is, in fact, their idea of joining forces to stamp out death, then all I can suggest to you is not to cancel your life insurance.


“Preventing Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease, and Diabetes: A Common Agenda for the American Cancer Society, the American Diabetes Association, and the American Heart Association,” Circulation 2004; 109(25): 3,244-3,255

Prevent your doctor’s laziness from causing you to lose a limb

The narrow-mindedness of doctors, especially surgeons, never ceases to amaze me. There is a tremendous array of treatments-all safe and effective-that can prevent the loss of a leg due to complications of diabetes, and yet doctors refuse to acknowledge them. This is downright maddening since foot ulcers are a common problem for people with diabetes. The ulcers can become infected and amputation is the usual recommendation.

The question surgeons should be asking themselves is: “Why can’t we avoid these amputations?” But instead they only focus on how extensive the amputation needs to be. And now, apparently, they have a new tool to make it even easier for themselves.

At the recent meeting of the American Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Society, researchers reported that a new blood test is the latest “advance” in predicting how much of the leg will have to be amputated. Note that the blood test is to measure how much of the leg will have to go, not “what treatment have we left out that might save this leg?”

The truth is, there is so much they could do but don’t. Chelation therapy is often dramatically effective in saving limbs with obstructed arteries caused by diabetes. Photoluminescence (UV blood therapy) is useful for counteracting the gangrene that is usually present. Intravenous hydrogen peroxide is also a good treatment for gangrene, and hyperbaric oxygen can have quite dramatic effects too.

This newfangled blood test may be great but I doubt it will do any better than checking the blood pressure at various levels of the leg. If the pressure in the leg is less than in the arm, the patient is in serious trouble and his only hope of recovering with his leg intact is to apply all of the above treatments as vigorously as possible.

Action to take:

If you want to learn more about hydrogen peroxide therapy or photoluminescence, you can search my website,, for articles on them. Just sign on with the username and password listed on page 8 and enter the respective term into the search function.


“Test predicts limb loss in diabetics,” Reuters Health News, 7/30/04

Forget Night of the Living Dead: Check out this REAL horror movie

Now we have a new and effective weapon to expose the people pumping America full of aspartame-the film Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World. This movie gives the whole story and brings up a number of important questions: How many people have Parkinson’s disease as a result of ingesting aspartame? What about MS? Has it increased over the years as aspartame has gained in popularity? What about the combination of MSG and aspartame? Has Searle (the manufacturer of aspartame) and the FDA warned the public that combining MSG with this artificial sweetener greatly increases the blood level of aspartame and may compound the symptoms of multiple sclerosis?

We have many enemies around the world, but some of the worst ones are right here in our own kitchen cabinets.

Action to Take:

You can purchase a copy of Sweet Misery for $24.95 (plus shipping) from Walter Publishing by calling (541)955-0117 or (800)955-0116.


“New video, ‘Sweet Misery,’ chronicles horrors of aspartame,” News With Views (, 7/6/04