Letters: Artificial sweeteners may cause “artificial hypoglycemia”

Artificial sweeteners may cause “artificial hypoglycemia”

“Twelve years ago, my blood sugar levels began to go haywire. They would plummet to the point where I would hallucinate and lose consciousness. Several specialists speculated a cancerous pancreas as the cause of the excessive insulin production. The surgeon advocated pancreatectomy, though to his chagrin, I would agree to nothing but removing the suspected offending portion. After the operation, no cancer was discovered.

Anyway, after all of this, the problem was not cured. Any form of physical activity accelerates the blood sugar loss, and I continue to experience weekly episodes of either lost consciousness or hallucination. The only remedy appears to be literal, constant eating. But even this has its limitations. I have tried every alternative, non-invasive treatment that I have encountered but to no avail. Have you ever come across a similar case? Your thoughts would be extremely appreciated.”

–K.M., Belair, MD

WCD: You could have an insulinoma somewhere, but I doubt it. Insulinoma is not technically “cancer” but a “non-cancerous tumor” containing insulin found in the pancreas. But since they didn’t find anything like that, I would venture to say that the most probable cause of your severe hypoglycemia-aspartame-was probably not even considered.

Before the seminal work of Dr. H.J. Roberts on aspartame, there was considerable puzzlement among the medical establishment as to why so many patients with hypoglycemia did not respond to conventional measures of control –such as a high-fat, high-protein diet and sugar control. Dr. Roberts discovered, through his patients, that many of them found that aspartame made them ill. When they stopped using it, many of them made remarkable recoveries, especially if they followed a high-fat, high-protein diet too.

So check everything in your refrigerator and kitchen cupboards carefully. If you are consuming aspartame in any food product, you may want to eliminate it from your diet. Next time you go to the supermarket, check those labels as well, and if they list any sort of artificial sweetener, don’t buy the product.


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